Please pray that the phone companies (AT&T) and (Verizon)

Please pray that the phone companies (AT&T) and (Verizon) will not put a lien on my house. I used to rent to a tenant who was from Italy…and unbeknownst to me…while I was at work, this man (GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW) MANAGED to make $7,000 yes Seven Thousand Dollars in calls to Italy, then he skipped out on me. I have been told by the phone company that I am responsible for HIS Calls…and this is just TOO Much of a Burden. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT THE LORD GOD ALLMIGHTY IN JESUS NAME WILL DELIVER ME FROM THIS SITUATION AND RANSOM ME UNHARMED FROM IT…I DON’T NEED MY REPUTATION OR MY CREDIT RUINED because on one UNSCRULPULOUS MAN…HELP!

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