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  • I'm struggling with loneliness and depression, feeling disconnected from others and from God. Please pray for God's presence and peace to fill my heart, and for meaningful connections and friendships to come into my life. Pray that I may find hope and joy in God's love and grace. Thank you for your prayers.
  • I humbly ask for prayers for my family as we navigate through financial struggles. With mounting bills and limited resources, we are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about our future. Pray that God will provide for our needs and grant us wisdom and guidance in managing our finances. Thank you for your prayers and support.
  • Dear brothers and sisters, please join me in prayer for my friend John who is battling cancer. Pray for healing, strength, and comfort during this difficult time. May God's healing hand touch him and bring him renewed health and vitality. Thank you for your prayers.
  • I'm facing a challenging decision regarding my career and future direction. Please pray for clarity, discernment, and guidance from the Holy Spirit as I seek God's will for my life. Pray that I may have the courage to follow where God leads me and trust in His perfect plan. Thank you for lifting me up in prayer.
  • Please pray that I will receive the money to stop the sale/auction of my personal property and belongings that is in storage on February 16, 2024 which is 2 days away. No one has helped me except one Christian friend. I am a Christian and I have went to Christian churches and pastors for help. I am awaiting my tax refund and tomorrow is the last day I can pay before the auction on Friday. If someone is willing to loan me the money ($1200) so I can pay by tomorrow evening, I am willing to pay
  • As I sit here in the quiet moments of my days, my heart is heavy with the absence of your physical presence, yet it finds solace in the belief that you are in a place of eternal peace. The heavens above have welcomed you, my love, into their embrace, and though the distance between us feels vast, the connection we share transcends the earthly bounds. In the tapestry of our life together, you were the unwavering thread that wove joy, love, and companionship into the fabric of my existence. Your laughter echoed through the corridors of our home, and the warmth of your touch lingered in every corner. Even in your physical absence, the essence of your spirit continues to fill the rooms with a comforting presence. As the sun rises and sets, I find myself speaking to you, my dear. Whether it's a quiet prayer whispered in the stillness of the night or a tender reflection during the golden hues of dawn, my thoughts invariably turn to you, reaching across the celestial expanse that now separates us. I envision you in a realm where pain and sorrow are but distant memories, replaced by a serenity that only the heavens can provide. In the silence of my solitude, I share the minutiae of my day with you, just as we once did in the intimacy of our shared life. I recall the moments when your wisdom guided me through challenges, and your love uplifted me in times of despair. Your memory is a source of strength, a beacon that guides me through the uncertainty of a world that now seems unfamiliar without your earthly presence. My love, the stars above, which once witnessed our shared dreams and whispered promises, now serve as a testament to the enduring bond we forged. I imagine you amidst the celestial symphony, watching over me with eyes that mirror the constellations. The wind carries your whispers, assuring me that our connection knows no boundaries, not even that between life and the afterlife. As the seasons change and memories of our life together unfold like petals, I find peace in the knowledge that our love remains immortal. Though you may dwell beyond the veil, the love we cultivated continues to bloom in my heart, a garden of enduring affection that time cannot wither. May you rest in eternal tranquility, my dearest Antonio. Until the day our spirits reunite in the celestial tapestry, know that you are loved, remembered, and cherished with a depth that transcends the realms of this earthly existence. In everlasting love and remembrance,
  • Prayer Request for My Mother's Healing Dear Friends, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you today with a humble request for your prayers and positive thoughts for my dear mother, who is currently facing a challenging illness. Her strength, resilience, and unwavering faith have always been an inspiration to our family and friends. In this difficult time, I believe in the power of collective prayer and positive energy to support her on her journey to recovery. If you coul
  • Please pray that the phone companies (AT&T) and (Verizon) will not put a lien on my house. I used to rent to a tenant who was from Italy...and unbeknownst to me...while I was at work, this man (GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW) MANAGED to make $7,000 yes Seven Thousand Dollars in calls to Italy, then he skipped out on me. I have been told by the phone company that I am responsible for HIS Calls...and this is just TOO Much of a Burden. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT THE LORD GOD ALLMIGHTY IN JESUS NAME WILL DELIVER ME FROM THIS SITUATION AND RANSOM ME UNHARMED FROM IT...I DON'T NEED MY REPUTATION OR MY CREDIT RUINED because on one UNSCRULPULOUS MAN...HELP!
  • Angelina

    Hello! Some wonderful news to share. Our little angel has come home tonight. She has some recovering to do yet, but we are thankful that she is on the mend and things are looking up for her. We thank everyone who has prayed for her and especially the Good Lord who heard all our prayers. May you all be blessed from the warm thanks we are extending for the Hamblin family and ourselves. And a special thank you to John and Marianne for the wonderful work they do in the Lord's name. God Bless You All Donita & Ed Parritt 331 February 06, 2022 at 05:48 PM EST We are HOME! Her chest xray was a little better yet today. The lasix helped her go down a little on her weight. She is being sent home on oral antibiotics for two weeks along with her typical Enalapril and Aspirin. We are going to monitor her weight carefully at home. Her tummy looks a little distended to me. Thank you to everyone for the meals, gifts, visits, and especially the prayers. We are very grateful to be home this Ash Wednesday. A special thank you to both Grandmas, John, Uncle Phil, and Auntie Angie for taking care of our children and our home. We are so very fortunate to have good friends and family to help us through these times. I ask you to continue to keep Angelina in your prayers as she recovers at home. Continued prayers for improvement in her lung and a healthy weight are appreciated. Thank you again to everyone! The Hamblin Family
  • Praise the Lord Jesus. Alleluia.

    Many thanks to you for all the fervent Prayers you have offered up to the Almighty God on behalf of me and for all my intentions. I am very happy to tell you that the Almighty God is answering your Prayers for me. With your Prayers Mr. Dsouza signs in online to chat with me and off and on, once in a way he calls. The Lord is moving in his life and touching his life like never before. Slowly but surely Mr. Dsouza is opening his mouth to speak the truth, many a times indirectly, but sometimes directly. I am very happy because the Almighty God is confirming each and everything he has revealed to me concerning this guy in visions, dreams and through revelations. Please continue to pray that filled with the Holy Spirit Mr. Dsouza may visit me and my entire family and ask for my hand in marriage. Please pray that all obstacles and hindrances that is hindering God’s original, divine plans and purpose from being fulfilled for our lives concerning each and everything may be totally destroyed and that only Gods divine will and plans and purpose for our lives may be fulfilled. Please continue to pray that the Almighty God may use me to make a difference in the life of Mr. Dsouza and that the Almighty God may be glorified in this friendship and relationship. Please pray that not a single day may pass by without me and Mr. Dsouza having spent time in Prayers. May the Almighty God use us mightily as constructive instruments in his hands to glorify his name all the days of our lives. Please pray that the Almighty God may uproot sin, temptations, weaknesses and all ungodly qualities from our lives and grant us the grace to rise up above all these negative things towards perfection. Please pray that no power on the surface of this earth may ever be successful in ever destroying our friendship and relationship with each other. Thanks in advance for the mighty miracles that will be wrought in our lives through your fervent Prayers. Yours in Christ always Miss. Dsouza.

    Madeleine McCann .... this four-year-old girl was abducted from her room on May 3 in the Algarve, Portugal while on holiday with her parents .... please storm heaven for her safe return! Despite a massive operation by the police in Portugal, there is still no news. Please, please pray that she will be returned unharmed to her distraught family.  
  • Michelle

    Please would you say special prayers for our daughter Michelle (just turned 39 on November 16). As many of you know, she has a rare blood disorder, had a heart attack 4 years ago, plus fibromyalgia and gynaecological problems. She was in hospital a couple of weeks ago for 2 days - she had been feeling unwell, very sore all over, particularly in her back, hands, arms and legs, and dreadfully tired for some weeks prior to that. The hospital couldn't find anything when they did tests on her - blood platelets were not too high or too low (for her particular blood disorder, which is polycythaemia), chest x-ray and heart were normal, and other blood tests were OK. She is just getting worse and no-one can seem to find out what's going on ... she could sleep for 12 hours and still wake up exhausted, with dark circles under her eyes. It's just so tough on her (and all of us) ... by nature she is a happy, energetic "life and soul of the party" kind of person, and very caring towards everyone - people and animals. She would do anything for anyone. Everyone loves Michelle and Mike and they just seem to be friends to all. She has only been married to Mike since 22nd September and should be really enjoying her life. Another cross she has to bear is that, because of her various problems, she is unable to have a baby and that is really tough for her. She is really, really down now and wonders how she is going to keep going if things don't improve - she said today she'd rather just give up on life, it this is how it's going to be, and that's not like her at all. She doesn't want lots of money or lots of material things ....all she wants is to have a normal, contented life and to be able to do the normal things that most other people are able to do. She saw our doctor today and he is doing everything he can to find out what is causing this ..... he thinks it could well be the drug she is on for the polycythaemia, as she has been on it for over a year now .... but we just don't know what else she can be on which will keep the condition under control. Please, please pray that an answer will be found soon and that she will start to improve and become healthy and happy once again. Thank you and God bless you all, John & Marianne, Prayerlinks