Hear our prayer O Lord ... for animals that are overworked, underfed, and cruelly treated; for all wistful creatures in captivity that beat their wings against bars; for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death.... and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals, and so to share the blessings of the merciful.
~ Albert Schweitzer ~
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress may be judged by the way its animals are treated
~ Mahatma Gandhi~

“The animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren.” "All animals are fruit of the creative action of the Holy Spirit and merit respect and they are as near to God as men are.”
~ Pope John Paul II~



Harvey - South Dakota. Without him, this page might never have  come into being; he was its inspiration - and so we dedicate it, with love, to Harvey.






Here is wonderful poem, sent to me by my dear friend Anne. The words are written by Helen Steiner Rice.

"Nothing on earth or in heaven can part
A love that has grown to be part of the heart
And just like the sun and the stars and the sea,
This love will go on through eternity
For true love lives on when earthly things die,
For it's part of the spirit that soars to the sky."

Pet Prayer Requests
Send a prayer request to us for any of God's creatures



In your kindness and compassion, please stop by for a few minutes and pray for some of our special little friends whose names are shown here. Thank you, and God bless you!

(Prior to December 2013)

Father of Light, we pray for all the pets who are lifted up to You here. You said if two or more come together and "agree" upon anything, it will be done. In loving prayer and faith we come before You this day. We know You desire complete healing for these most loved ones, who You have given into our care. Father of all Power and Healing Who gives all life, we pray one for another here and our most beloved pets. Father, You are perfect love and perfect healing and through Your Son, we accept the miracle which comes through Him from You. Miracles are as natural to You, as breathing is to us. We thank You Father and Son for the healing which has already taken place in Your invisible realm, as we watch wide-eyed in anticipation of the manifestation to become real before our physical eyes. We give You all praise and adoration Lord for what we know You have already accomplished. We thank You
Father, Jesus Christ Your Son, and Holy Spirit this day and forever and ever. Amen.

(Thank you, Karen in Ohio, for this beautiful prayer)





















Please pray for our beagle, Roger. Thank you so much.

October 29

Thank you for allowing me to submit this request. Pippa had emergency surgery late Saturday night. She is a great deal of pain and not eating. The dr is worried about pancreatitis in addition to the primary infection. Pippa is a sweet, very gentle puppy who is full of love. Please pray that she has relief from the pain. She is also very stressed about being in the hospital and away from us. Pray for her complete recovery and relief from her pain and anxiety. Thank you so much. God Bless you. God Bless my sweet Pippa.

October 3

Prayer for 3 dogs
I'm writing to ask for prayer for 3 dogs
#1: Captain is a Golden retriever who is blind and has diabetes.
#2: Oz is a Australian Shepherd (red merle) dealing with giardia.
#3: Maggie is an Australian Shepherd ( blue heeler) who needs prayer for her hips and arthritis.
They all have Christian humans!
Thank you so much and God bless you.

September 18

Pet baby Goats In Need Of Healing
I have 2 precious little baby goats (male & female) that have cleft palate. Prognosis is not always good. When they drink milk, sometimes milk comes out of their nose. Sometimes they have like raspy breathing & heard it can get worse. They deserve to have a healthy & normal life like the others. I pray that God will touch them & heal them. I ask to please pray for a miraculous recovery for both of them. Thank you for your prayers!

March 6

UPDATE: I just wanted to give an update on Willow. Her doctor is encouraged that she is improving and to watch her for another 1 -2 weeks. If any other episodes happen with her walking, then she recommends a ct scan. She was concerned with an area of her femur on xray because of the symmetry being different. She's hoping now it could be a pulled muscle/arthritis or some kind of trauma from jumping. I certainly hope that is the case and she continues to improve every day.
Thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming! ?
Tammy and Willow

February 2

Could you please pray for my cat Willow, my silver shaded Persian. I have contacted you in the past for prayer requests and I believe it has helped her immensely.
Last Sunday, she came out to eat and had trouble walking and her balance was off and she was crying in pain. This continued and I brought her to her vet (they saw her on Tuesday). It wasn't her regular vet but the doctor was concerned about possible blood clot. She was able to get xrays and then said she may have herniated a disc. She gave a dose of narcotic pain meds. Her regular doctor called me the next night after reviewing things because I had called back because willow wasn't sleeping AT ALL. She was concerned about possible area around her femur and will poll other doctors with their opinion and call me on Monday.
Willow has been slowly improving daily and she is finally starting to sleep after 3 days without it.
Please pray for complete healing and recovery for her and that all issues are benign. She is truly my heart. I will keep you posted. I'm depending on God and I ask you to agree with me for her healing and recovery!
Thank you,
Tammy and Willow

January 29

I am in desperate need of prayers for my German Shepherd 'Klaus'. He is 5 years old and means the world to me. He was at my side through my years of cancer and now he needs my help. He is on medication for his hips and cruciate ligaments in his back legs. Now he has developed a serious autoimmune disease that requires medication that makes him feel terrible. He is my companion, my best friend and I am praying that he is healed and can live pain free. If you can pray for him, I'll be grateful for life. Bless you,
Donna Wells

January 23

I just got told that my dog Nemo whom I've had for 12 years has cancer in his spine and part of his lung. They are 95% sure it's cancer. I believe in miracles and if ya'll could please keep him in your prayers for God to do a miracle I would appreciate it so much! I love my dog soooo much I would lay my life down for him, that's how much he means to me and I've been crying so much. Please keep him your prayers. Thank you again

November 19

Praise the Lord .
My name is justina I need urgent prayer for my kitten she is one month old her name is mimi she is very sick plz plz pray that may god heal her ... Iv told my parents to take her to hospital bt they didn't heard ... den I prayed to god bt nothing happend I knw i belive Jesus will heal her bt I'm very much in pain coz I can't see her like dis so i got this site atlest someone can understand me plz pray Thank you God bless u

November 19

Our family dog Gronk is going to have to be put down ..unless this medication ends up working.. I can't even fathom how hard this all is with just a recent death in my family. He was only a year old and he brought SO much happiness to all of our lives. I love you so much.. I pray for you to come back to our family in good health.. I pray for you as you are my family's best friend .. I won't stop praying for you to heal. We need you with us Gronk
Thanks and God bless

November 12

Missing Cat - Jack
UPDATE: Dear Praying friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers. Jack has returned home safely about 45 minutes ago!

Please pray for my all cats. Two are having infections and under regular medicine.
I want to extend the cat enclosure which is at my parents' house. Recently (after 5 years) my father has given permission to extend.
Pray for finance needed for enclosure and regular food-medicine.
Thank you very much once again.

Please pray for my Jack, 3 year male cat who went away with my other indoor cats from cat enclosure. Others were found but he is still away since 36 hours.12 hours ago he was found but I couldn't get him as there were 2 semi pet dogs. They also has bitten him and cat bite me.

There are lots of stray dogs and some cats in our area. Please pray that he will come home safely and soon. Thank you so much.
Vandana, India

October 3

I come tonight requesting healing prayer for my buddy Victor. Victor is a 9+ year old Doberman Pinscher who is very dear to our family.
Victor has had blood in his stool for at least two months now. After numerous visits to our vet and many different prescibed drugs, we still do not know what is causing the blood in his stool. He shows no signs of being ill... still very active with a great appetite, does not appear to be in pain
The next step would be to have a lower gi endoscopy procedure to accurately diagnose and treat. The problem is, he's also been recentlhy diagnosed with a heart condition so my vet says it's too risky to administer anasthesia.
We really love our boy. Please pray for a complete healing for Victor.
Thank you and God bless you all!

September 12

Please prayer for my dog Oliver that he does not have prostrate cancer and recovers.
GOD Bless.

September 6

Please Pray for my cat. my baby Annie she has a tumor in her mouth. I had to put my other baby Molly to sleep last week.
I do not want to lose her too. I am taking her to another vet I ask that you will pray that the vet can help her, that the tumor will go away and that she can heal. Thank You.

September 1

Please pray for my German Shepard Female Dog Ginger. She is 9 years old and suffering with Kidney Failure. Please pray for Miracle Healing to Ginger.That she is getting back to Normal from today. Thank you.God bless you.
Renuka de Silva
Sri Lanka

August 15

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ! God bless you! I need your urgent and powerful prayers to the Divine Healer Jesus Christ for the miracoulous healing of my beloved female cat Sissy who is seriously ill. She suffers from a severe renal insufficiency, gastritis and does not want to eat. She has lost a lot of weight and I am afraid she is going to die. Please pray for her healing!
Thanks very much! God bless you!
Your sister in Jesus Christ

July 29

Bailey is a dog (we rescued her from Katrina and her brother Reily). Bailey has a growth on her skin and has lost a bit of weight! I am worried, the Vet said she has to have surgery. Please pray for her! God Bless.

June 5


We are from India. Our Darling Tushtush passed away on Friday, 3rd June at 12:32 p.m. at a tender age if 9. My husband and I are devastated by the loss of our sweetheart.

You had posted my request on your site during our Bonsai's passing away on 26/Mar/2012 and Her Soul must have been comforted and we were too.

Please offer your Prayers for Tushtush's Beautiful, Pure, Loving and Divine Soul so that She can move on peacefully into the Eternal Arms of our Lord and join her Mother, Sushi and Bonsai.

Mrs. Nutan & Mr. Rathin Kumar Das

June 5

Respected Praying friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers for my cats Smart and other 10 yr old. Both are under daily med and doing good. I hope you are well now.

I request you to please Pray for my 3 year old Oggy. He got injured and has got maggots. He is not eating since last night and under treatment, Please Pray for his complete recovery.
Thank you so much once again.

February 9

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your prayers for my cats Smart and other 10 yr old. Both are under daily med and doing good. I hope you are well now.

February 9

Please pray for my sick cat Smart. He is 7 yrs old male indoor and suffering from infections since 4 yrs. Recently after change in weather he got more infection. He has blood in one eye. Please pray that Lord Jesus will heal him and live long happy life.
I have other cats also. Please pray for that cat Smart and another 10 yrs old male who also has infections.
Thank you so much.
Vandana (India)

December 8

Please pray for my cat Meowzer. He came home yesterday with his right front leg and paw swollen to more than twice its size and it's in an awkward position. He ate and drank some water last night but today he isn't doing either and I don't have any money for a vet. Please pray for a miracle healing for my little kitty. God bless you all.

January 30

UPDATE: Thought I just say hello and say thank you to you and your website.
Just to update you, Cleo's op went well and she is back to normal.

January 15

Thank you for affording me this opportunity to request a prayer for my dog, Cleo. Cleo is a 7 year old German Shepherd, who has recently been diagnosed with Spirocetra Lupi. This is a dreadful disease, which could lead to cancer. In spite of my numerous prayers, she is still not getting healed.
I now request for your assistance in praying for her.
Thank you for your website!

February 11

My rabbit Motchi has two giant tumors in his body and is very sick. But he is only 3 years old. He is very loved and is So sweet and before he was sick, he had so much energy. The docter is going to put him to endless sleep tomorrow... I hope you will pray for totally healing..

January 6

Basset Hound Hurt
Posted on Facebook - Basset Rescue is in Acton CA, just outside of LA. So sad that this should happen to such a gentle breed.

UPDATE: Wed morning 1/6/16 Just got off the phone with the tech at the vet. He is doing about the same. They did blood work lastnight and he does have erilichia and anaplasmosis on top of everything else and received an immizol injection as well as antibiotics for that. He is also on IV pain meds, antibiotics, fluids, and vitamins. He peed last night but hasn't had a bowel movement yet. They are putting ointment on his eye and are hoping they can save it. They still aren't able to X-ray or probe till the swelling goes down a bit more. I will be heading over there in about a 1/2 hour and will take pics and post another update soon. Thank you all for your prayers and donations to help him. It is so amazing when people pull together to right a horrific wrong!!! Still working on a name <3
UPDATE: 9:40pm Just got home ... I left him at the vet where he will be getting IV antibiotics, fluids, pain meds, and anti inflammatory meds...they want to wait till the swelling goes down some then they will do X-rays and surgical probe to see what's going on with the eye (if there is an eye)... Then when they know exactly what they're dealing with we can go from there. Thank you for all the support and prayers ?? Now we need to name him so he's not named 'stray' at the vet ??
UPDATE: We're at Pet Doctor 911 waiting to be seen...please call in donations under Jennifer Taylor Rescue (956) 683-7387 or Paypal staylorxx@yahoo.com
4:30pm I am on my way to pick up this basset hound and take him to Pet Doctor 911...He was found by a Good Samaritan this way with his eye missing, bloody, and swollen face. I will post account info for donations when we get there ... I am driving to Harlingen and back to pick him up so it will be a couple hours. Please share and donate if you can!!!! Call directly to the vet at (956) 683-7387 or Paypal staylorxx@yahoo.com , thanks ?? All prayers are appreciated and please share for donations! ??

January 6

On "Dalmatian Are Great" posted Dalmatian dog hit by car
"This girl's name is Lucky and her owner's have been looking for her since she got out. Lucky got out of her yard and hit by a car all in the same day, it only takes 1 time for something bad to happen. Lucky will recover some what from her injuries but it's still unclear if she will be able to use her back legs. Her owner's contact me (Alvie Baker who posted this message) about her and we met at the vets office (Delano Veterinary Hospital) this morning to discuss her recovery." Someone mention pelvis and specialist Also asking help financially
Maria Vindas

January 6

My chihuahua
Good Evening: I am requesting a prayer for my my chihuahua; she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 6 months ago. She was prescribed meds for her heart and addisons. The lasix controlled the cough. However over a month she started coughing again. It was controlled with all the medications. In the last couple of days she wakes up coughing Please pray for my dog.

January 4

Please pray for our precious Asia ( 8 yr old Shih Tzu), who has a serious bacterial infection to both ears. The vet also said her lymph nodes are enlarged which has terrified us. He wants to re-evaluate in 30 days. We are standing with Jesus and claiming a total healing. Blessings and gratitude to you.

December 22

Please pray for my dog Ginger. She was diagnosed with cancer after xrays and ultrasound found a tumor in abdomen, another surrounding a kidney, and metastasis to her lungs 2 months ago. She has breathing difficulties, no real appetite, but drinks water on her own and still loves walks. She groans more to try to settle and get comfortable. I am a veterinary technician, so I can give her medications and force feed. She needs lots of prayers to try to keep as much quality of life left that she may possible have left. I am not ready to let her go and either is she. We love her so much and ask for many prayers to help her through this. Thanks so much for your prayers! !

December 21

My calf Diana needs surgery on a broken hip, if xrays show it can be fixed. Please pray that this can be done and pray for the Doctors and Nurses who will be performing this operation.

November 29

My dog Justice is in pain - please help him sleep thru the night until I can go to the vet in the morning. Lord pray for us. Justice.

November 12

In need of pet prayers this morning, my son has adopted a shelter dog that has been treated for heart worms, and under the weather today. ........ Please pray for Brody, he has heart worms and is being treated, his new owners are worried if they made the right decision taking in a dog with this problem so soon after losing theirs of 15+ years. They have fell in love with him, so has their son, picture shows how happy they both are. God please lay your healing hands on Brody and heal him. He has a forever home now, people who will love him.

November 9

Pls pray for my dog Snowball's healing. He is sick and I do not have resources to take him to the vet. Pls pray for him pls.

October 10

Can you please pray for my dog Marley - he can't walk very well, won't eat just looks at me like he wants help. I took him to vet - they say it's from old age but he was fine 3 weeks ago; things just seem to be getting worse - he is a 10yr old chocolate lab and I love him so dearly it breaks my heart.
I know God can do this He is the only one who can. He said when 2 or 3 of you ask I am there with you. Thank you.

October 5

Thank you for praying. My daughter's cat is still needing much prayer. The growth on its shoulder and upper leg is getting so big, the cat can hardly use it at all. Please keep praying for healing! Thank you.

October 3

UPDATE: Please continue to pray for my daughter's small cat. The cat is limping quite a bit from the growth of the tumor. My deeper concern is my daughter's lack of trust in the Lord. She doesn't seem comforted by scripture or anything. I love this kitty too and I pray she recovers. But my daughter just keeps asking why she doesn't see the results of her prayers and it seems to be all she can focus on. Please keep praying for her and the cat.
Thank you.

June 28

Please pray for my daughter's cat, Princess. She is 11 and newly diagnosed with metastatic soft tissue cancer. My daughter is devastated. She feels like she did something wrong in praying for the cat's healing because it doesn't look like God is answering. My daughter loves this cat so very much and needs to see that the Lord is faithful and that even the life of her kitty matters to Him. Thank you for praying.

June 17

I ask that you all please pray for our 11 Year old Dachshund. Last week he began to have a limp on his right front paw. After two visits to the Vet we are told that he has the advanced stages of Cushing Disease. He is very much my Daughter's dog she has had him since he was 6 months old. He was right beside her when she was battling her Leukemia and then again for her when she had to watch me battle Breast Cancer. Basically the Vet advised we would have to spend around $600 dollars to complete all the testing for Cushing to determine the exact stage in which he is in, and determine the accurate dosage of medication he needs for the treatment and that it could take up to 3 months before he shows signs of improvement in his mobility. Honestly I don’t have that kind of money but would figure something out to come up with the funds, but she says that to have no guarantee and have to watch him suffer for months. He would be alive but he wouldn’t be living. I’m so torn on what to do….We are all devastated especially my daughter. We ask that you please keep and are darling Prince in your prayers so that the Lord may guide us and give all the strength to deal with this.

September 28

I just wanted to let you know that we lost Kirby yesterday. He survived the surgery on Monday, but he passed away yesterday, from what we think was a blood clot.
We are heartbroken. He was such a special dog. All he ever wanted was to be with us. I hate that he passed away at the vets office and not surrounded by his loving family. :(
Thank you for the prayers that were offered up for him.

September 24

Kirby will be having surgery on Monday, 9/21/15, to remove a tumor in/on his spleen. It is very large and if it is cancer, they will end his beautiful life on the operating table.
I ask for prayers that the tumor is not cancer and that he has a successful surgery to remove the benign tumor.
Please Father, bless us with the continued love and companionship of our fur-baby Kirby.

September 18

Pray for this little female dog
Please pray that I find a no kill shelter or someone that will take a female dog, and I think she is pregnant, that will help her soon. I really need to place her somewhere soon - please help me pray.

September 22

Please pray for total healing of my 5 yr. old cockerspaniel “Peddy”. Please pray that his yeast overgrowth just dry up and go away and that he is totally cleared of any health issues, in Jesus holy name. Thank you.

September 20

We need prayer for our little Pomeranian Miska. Something is seriously wrong with her and the vets are unable to figure out what is wrong. They keep thinking it is Cancer, but every test comes back as "inflammatory". Her lung collapsed because of the inflammatory fluids that built up outside of the lung. This will happen again if God doesn't miraculously intervene or provide some source of medicine to help. We had the fluids removed on this past Friday and in less than one week she is already having difficulty breathing.
Thank you for this service. I know prayer is always the answer!

September 9

Oz and Maggie
UPDATE: Greetings,
Thank you so much for your prayers for Oz and Maggie the Australian Shepherds I contacted you about a couple of weeks ago. They're both doing much better.
We would very much appreciate prayer for Oz as he is going to be at the veterinarian tomorrow/Wednesday 9/2, to get a rabies vaccine and a heartworm test. He usually does ok at the vet but it's obviously not his favorite pastime! Please pray that he stay well & things go smoothly & that they get their favorite tech Lacy.
One of the problems in the past has been a lady who is one of the techs that is afraid of dogs, believe it or not and she treats them all wrong. Owner Diane had specifically asked to Not have this woman with her other dog & they ignored the request which proved disastrous. Just a little background explanation. Lol.
Thank you so much and God bless you!
September 1

Please pray for Oz, an Australian Shepherd; for healing of his stomach & digestive system.
Also for Diane to be able to find a place for Oz & her other dog Maggie to stay for a day this week, whenever her air conditioning system is worked on. They are in an extremely hot area & the level of heat can be life threatening.
Thank you so much and God bless you!

August 2

Duchess (Sugar Bear)
Dear pet prayer, my 12 year old min pin has just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and her esophagus is not straight like it is supposed to be and has been pushed up by either a limpnote or tumor, not sure what happened yet, and her vertebrae is trying to fuse together. Her name is Duchess, her nickname is sugar bear please pray for complete healing for my sugar bear .
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

August 15

My dog Davey has been missing since July 4th. We continue to actively search for him daily. We don't live in the area from which he went missing. It is a vacation home and he is unfamiliar with the area, however, I have remained here in hopes of his safe return. Please say a prayer for my sweet Davey. He does not know the life of a dog but that of a family member who has never had to provide for himself in any form. He is so loved and his absence is unbearable. Thank you.

July 24

Sorry that it has taken us a while to write back - we lost our beautiful Angus and it is still difficult for us.
I would like to say thank you for your prayers and I am happy to have found your website. I will remember your wonderful ministry in prayer and please continue the amazing work you're doing.
Stephanie & Daniel

July 16

Please pray for our family dog Angus. He is sick and I am so devastated. He has liver and kidney problems and had to be put on drips. He is so weak from not eating that it's heart breaking to see him every single time. We had to leave him at the vet for proper care. He's only seven years old and we want to love him for a lot longer but everytime we went to the vet, the news isn't great. Please help us pray for Angus, he's a gentle dog and we love him.
Thank you for your prayers,
Stephanie and Daniel

June 27

Prayer request for surgery for stone removal for Peanut the dog also for healing on his shunt.. And for peace from worry to his owner and mother Deuze.

July 12

In the face of a humiliating defeat, the British Government has backed down on the vote!!! And thanks to the MPs of Scotland for this - they were going to vote against the Government - well done, Scotland!

We will have to keep a watchful eye though - the Tories are going to try to repeal the hunting ban again in October, so the pressure needs to be kept up.

July 11


UPDATE: Dear all at Pet Prayer Links and fellow animal carers
The vote is due to happen next week. Please pray that enough MPs will vote to keep the ban in place. Write to your MP as well expressing concern. Please pray that the facts concerning the horrors of fox hunting will be raised and printed in newspapers and the media. Pray for an increase on social media to keep the ban in place. Pray that the faith communities will all come out in support of the ban. Pray and give thanks to animal welfare organisations who continue to support the ban and describe fox hunting as a blood sport. Pray the public too will express outrage over this but protest will be peaceful. This is a cruel sport and should have no place in any society. God Bless,

July 10


Dear prayer warriors and fellow animal lovers/carer
This is an urgent prayer request. Although this was not in the Queen's Speech but the British Government is planning to repeal the ban on fox hunting. There is no need for fox hunting as nature is perfectly capable of balancing itself out. It is a very cruel activity which should have no place in a mature and civilised society. Please pray for organisations like the RSPCA, who actively campaigned for the ban to be in place and do outstanding work for animals. Please pray that enough MPs have compassion to vote against the repeal. Pray to that public support for the ban is so strong the British Government have to take notice. Pray for MPs to have the courage to speak out against the ban being repealed and not be pressured by anyone. Pray for every opportunity too for people to speak against the ban and to say why. Churches have animal group and pray that they too will use their voices and talk positively about God's creation.
Anyone in the UK, please write to your MP about this, support the RSPCA and if you can connect with a Christian group within any political party to encourage them to speak out against the repeal of the ban. I believe fox hunting is not part of British values
God Bless

May 31

Please pray for my cat Grayson he has had two urinary blockages in the past five days! Its cost us almost $1700.00 we are military and we were preparing to leave this morning since the vet said he was better yesterday. Then when we called this morning we were told the vet wanted to talk to us and would call us back in a few minutes. That was over 20 minutes ago, we need to get on the road but we want our cat safe we are running low on funds and i just don't know what to do, plus we are sitting on this time bomb waiting to hear about Grayson. If you can provide any help please pray for us and Grayson

June 21

Thank you so much, Marianne and John. Really appreciate what you're doing. :) God is good... Roger is recovering well.
I thank the Lord for sending you to encourage people like me who know not where to turn. God bless you and all the animals.

June 19

Our dear little Roger had to undergo castration after the vets found an enlarged prostate.
They also found enlarged lymph nodes and thought the worst, and took a sample to test for abnormalities... but I committed the whole thing to the Lord in prayer and got a few loved ones to pray with me that whole day while waiting for the test results. I cried out to the Lord for my dear son. Irebuked any curse that might be at work against the whole household. Praise Jesus! The lab results came back normal. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
They also took a sample of the tissue from the prostate to check for malignancies. That sample has been sent to Canada as Malaysia does not have the best services available for pets... :(
The results for that will come back in 10 days. Marianne, would your team and you please pray with me that the results will come back perfectly normal... Our God is able... I'm only asking for what is not too difficult for Him. And we know that nothing is too difficult for Him. :)
Lots of love and blessings in Jesus' name to you, your team and all the lovely babies you're praying for.
Shai and Vicky

June 4

Just found out my dog "PENNY", has a large tumor in her lower back which is cancerous, this tumor is also her to have problems having a bowel movement.
Please pray that God will remove this cancerous tumor, and give her immediate relief regarding her bowels.
Thank you

June 4

Kadie, my Precious Scottie, is having surgery to remove a large tumor thought to be liver cancer. I pray that she is tough and makes it through the surgery. I pray for continued healing. I pray for strength for the surgeons and doctors and caregivers. Amen.

May 11

Hello, Please, please pray a healing prayer for our sweet baby girl cat, February. She is only 6 years old and very sick. She is in the critical care unit at Angell Memorial animal hospital here in Boston. She went in Tuesday to have scoping done to find out why she is losing weight, was going to have the procedure done today and took a turn for the worse overnight.
Her blood glucose and blood pressure dropped so low she almost had a seizure. The hospital is doing blood work to try and find out what is going on.
We love her dearly.
Thank you so very much.

April 23

       Little Bittie      

UPDATE: Hi Marianne:
Just wanted to thank you for your prayer, my Little Bittie past away yesterday at 4:00pm - her little body couldn’t take it anymore..

April 22

I need prayer for a very special family member, Little Bittie - we found out that she has stomach cancer and they put a feeding tube in her
a nd I need a lot of prayers for my baby to get better and see her play and purr again, thank you for all your prayers and help!!

April 17

Please pray for my loyal friend Jake. He is my best friend and the last five years have not been easy for either of us. Jake has a couple of problems that need the help of God , the Angels, Saints and whoever else can help him. Jake has a problem with his ears that started a year ago. I have changed his food numerous times and it works for awhile and then comes back. His ears itch him terribly. The other problem is his right paw by his dew nail. He keeps licking it and it making it worse. It gets better but then he starts licking it and he needs help to heal both problems. Please pray for his healing?
Thank you.

April 21

My cat Max has picked up a tick at some point over the weekend. He will not come near me, to let me remove it. Please pray the tick will come off quickly without any long term consequences. I will keep trying to catch him and monitor it. Once off I will bath his foot in antiseptics and salt water. The Internet talks about lime disease but I hope it is rare, even Internet can create fears in people. I will check and monitor Max carefully.
Thank you and God Bless You.

April 20

Please pray for Snuffy he has a large tumour on his hip and is now finding it difficult to get around I have been praying for healing for months. I don't know how much pain he is in it's so upsetting to see him like this Please pray for a healing for him

March 20

Please join me in prayer for His Divine Intervention upon my Buddy who is 5yrs young and diagnosed with Lymph sarcoma and sent home to be given the quality of Life, I am on 3 site for cance and say Novenas everynight for others in the same situation.
Thank you so much. God bless all of you
Diane and Buddy

March 11

Mr. Whiskers
UPDATE: Thank you all for providing a much needed place of prayer for the extended family members we hold so dear to our hearts. Our beloved Mr. Whiskers went to be with our Lord and Savior and our previously departed furry friends today at 2:15 pm. Mr. Whiskers lived for almost 17 years without ever being sick, just his kidneys started to fail him back 5 months ago. Other then that no sickness, EVER. Praise God! My family and I were blessed by his precious spirit and he certainly will be missed but I am so happy for him, that he is happy and healthy in Heaven!!! I also know that sometimes praying for healing works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have faith and believe that Jesus is the healer and he will work through us as a conduit to people and animals. I don’t know why Mr. Whiskers wasn’t healed but it won’t stop me from praying in faith for healing for people and animals!!!! Don’t give up, ever. Bless each and everyone of you and I pray and believe with you for the healing of your sick babies.
Teresa W. - South Carolina

March 6

Thank you so much for coming into agreement with me for Mr. Whiskers my senior 16 year old cat this evening for a complete healing.
He had been in kidney failure and was on really expensive medication for 5 months now and was doing well until this morning. He already had a bit of mobility issue with hind legs but nothing that stopped him from jumping up on my bed or anything. This morning he made a (1) moaning loud yell noise so I jumped up out of bed. He almost entirely turned down his wet food, which is the high light of his day so I knew then that something was up. He is very weak and isn’t moving too much. His eyes have that glazed look to them and he threw up once tonight and it was mainly fluid it looked like. There was a piece of kibble in it from last night but things aren’t looking good. I have kept him covered in steady prayer from the very beginning of onset of his kidney failure and he was doing well. Thank you for what you do and for caring about and praying with and for our babies, it means an awful lot to me and my family.
Many blessings to you,

March 5

Callie Anne
Bless you again! My cat is in Great spirit feeling so much better! Wow! You are blessed of God! I would like to give a donation? Please don't stop :)

March 5

God Bless You back so richly for what you do!!
I pray that the Lord would send me Peace that He will help my sweet precious Callie Anne to discharge her backed up poo with megacolon that is dangerous. These conditions can kill a cat, but we belong to Jesus, so just AGREE in prayer. I love God and I know He cares, but must admit I’m a bit concerned and want total Peace, Amen. Love,
Sister Vicki

March 4

Thanks Everyone for your prayers, Boots surgery went well and she has regained the use of her hind legs. God is good!!!!! Thanks again.

March 5

Please pray for my puppy Boots, she injured her back and her hind legs are now paralyzed, I pray that The Lord heal her and give her the use of her hind legs again

March 1

UPDATE: I just wanted to tell you that Roger is doing well right now. All glory be to God Almighty.
And to you wonderful servants of God, keep up the good work. You are really amazing.
Please do send me prayer requests as well if you need another person gathered together in prayer with you in Jesus' name. :)

February 27

Hi, there. Our beagle Roger has severe bloating triggered by stress from his puppyhood with his previous owner. He was just discharged from hospital after being warded for observation. The bloating was bad, as it always is when he gets it every two days or so lately, and everyday for the last 10 days. Now he also seems to have itchiness between his toes, his ears and and on nose. Don't know if it is an allergic reaction, but he is in a lot of discomfort and pain.
And I have been praying and asking God to please have mercy on this poor creature, and I really can't tell what is troubling him... the bloating or the itchiness...The vets don't seem to be able to get to the bottom of it, but I know that Jehovah Rapha can!
Appreciate if you could help me pray and intercede to get a breakthrough for his health problems. I am at my wit's end and in distress seeing him suffer and not knowing what it is... I can't think of anything else but how to get to the bottom of this. :_(
God bless you all.

February 13

A little kitten hit by a truck
A little kitty was hit by a truck and struggled back to refuge with obvious disability and pain...nobody could stop in this moment..prayers for realease of suffering and pain to all animals, for they don't umderstand this crazy human life we lead, we are so busy and don't even look back when our animals have been injured..some people do care, I pray for more to care about the lives that are within our households daily Our beloved dogs, cats, etc..keep your pets safe, innoculated and neutered.. Bless our pets and all of nature's beings..

February 26

Bratty Brat
Please pray for our loving and precious Parakeet. His name is “Bratty Brat”. He has a respiratory illness, that despite the Vet's efforts and the medications, is not going away. It's breaking our hearts watching him struggle to breath. We don't know if he's suffering or not. We don't know if we should put him down, out of mercy, or wait, with the risk of him suffering and us coming home to him dead. we our heartbroken over the thoughts of his struggles. We love him with all our hearts. PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO HEAL “BRATTY BRAT” and if that's not God's will, please pray that if God takes him, he doesn't suffer.
In Jesus name, AMEN

February 26

Requesting prayers and healing energy for Riley, our Wheatie as he has leg surgery today.

February 25

UPDATE: Sadly, Stevie the bunny died, my friend is devastated...
February 20

Please pray for Stevie the Rabbit. She is having surgery at 10:30 am for a blockage and it is serious.
Thank you, for my friend Kim..

February 20

Oz and Diane
Please pray for Australian Shepherd, Oz and his human, Diane.
Oz is scheduled to be in a stock dog trial with the ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) this Friday 2/20 thru Sunday 2/22.
There is a bit of history going into this which I will explain briefly.
Oz has exceptional talent and has performed well in a majority of his runs. They have not been able to get a fair trial due to various circumstances that have happened primarily due to the enemy’s interference. God sees these events as ministry with Diane’s main purpose for being there is as His representative. Of course Satan understands that and has tried everything to keep them from winning because it would bring glory to God and be a great witness in interacting with people.
Long story short we are believing for God to move this weekend and For Oz to win his events and not only that, get the prize for what is called Best Started. It’s kind of like best newcomer. He has done amazingly well so far against dogs with much more experience than he has and who are also older.
Please pray specifically for the judges to be fair without favoritism or Blackballing anyone. For Oz to have perfect runs with perfect scores to God’s glory. For the trainer Molly to be focused and at the top of her game.
For her to perform with Oz as well as she does with her own dogs.
We are believing for an excellent report!
Thank you so much for agreeing with us in prayer and God bless you!

February 20

Plz pray for my 1 year old Oscar, a german shepherd dog. He's unable to walk coz he has lost his control on hind legs and is having urinating problem and is unable to get up to pass his stool. He cries a lot coz of the discomfort and the pain he's suffering from. Plz pray for his quick recovery.

February 16

Please pray for my brother's dachshund. Her name is Abby and she is seven years old. She is at the vet tonight and they had to drain her bladder. She could not urinate and having trouble walking. I pray that she doesn't require surgery.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. She is loved by our whole family.

February 14

My dog
Please pray for my dog, she has cancer.

February 9

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your prayers. I wanted to let you know that after I requested prayers for Angel she started to improve!
She is becoming stronger, more active, and eating more. She still needs to regain her eyesight, but we are keeping the faith!
Thank you

February 4

Please pray for the miraculous recovery of health for my wonderful beloved cat, Angel.
Thank you.

January 30

UPDATE: Hi thanks so much for prayers for Odie. He was just too sick. Today we made decision and he is now in God's hands suffering no more. Thanks again

February 3

Odie is 5 and believed to be poisoned last week with rat poison directly or through eating something. We have done all we can possibly do through the vet but the red blood cells just keep depleting. He is fighting because he is still here. Please pray for him to get better. Thanks.

February 2

My Golden Retriever - Husky has a thyroid tumor. Pleas pray with me that God will heal her.

January 31


UPDATE: Hello, it's me Suzy max's mommy. My baby has been doing ok till today, he woke up lethargic and not eating I'm afraid his cancer has returned. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow I'm praying they it hasn't. I love him so much he loves life and has more love and life to live. Please please pray for him. I'm truly thankful and grateful for your all the prayers. Sincerely, max's mommy. The 4th picture is is a picture when he was feeling good.
Max's mommy Suzy :)

January 30

UPDATE: Just updating on my baby Max, he is doing well and is 12 and a half pounds now. I have changed his dog food to all natural and organic snacks as well he is full of energy and loves life. Thank you for all of your prayers I truly appreciate it, please keep praying for him. Our helpless little creatures do not Deserve to suffer. I love him with all my heart. Sincerely,
Max's mommy Suzy :)

Septemner 28

UPDATE: I want to thank you for all your prayers for my baby Max, he is feeling better and is 12lbs now. He's eating well and full of energy- he will be going to the vet next month for x-rays of his chest to see if the cancer has spread. Please continue your prayers thank you. Sincerely,
Suzy (Max's mommy)

August 31

UPDATE: Thank you for all your prayers, he has gained 5lbs. And is doing Better. Still pray for him that he fights this awful disease he deserves to live a long and healthy life he loves life, and I love him with all my heart. Thank you. Sincerely,
Suzy (Max's mommy)

August 10

UPDATE: I want to thank you for posting Max on your web site, he seems like he is doing better, he's eating and has gained weight. He went to his doctor and he said that he will need chest X-rays every 3 months to see if the cancer has spread. My poor baby, it breaks my heart to hear that. Please keep praying for him. Thank you. Sincerely.

July 24

Please pray for my dog Max, he is a 7 1/2 year old Yorkie who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma; he had a 2 lb tumor that was growing in his spleen that had to be removed, I chose not to have him go thru Chemo or any other drugs, I do not want to make him more sick than he is. I've had my Max since he was a 10 week old puppy, I never had children so he is my baby and my life, I love him dearly and is my everything. I cannot bear to lose him to this awful disease. Please pray for him to overcome this and be with his mommy for a long time. He does not deserve this. He is an innocent creature that has my heart. Thank you for your time.
(This is Max after surgery)
Max's mom (Suzy)

July 17


Emma is a search and rescue dog who has been trained to find lost people. Now, at only 7, she has been diagnosed with pneumonia and cancer.
If God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, he knows about Emma. If He is powerful enough to heal people, of course He can heal Emma of cancer and pneumonia.
Matthew 15:26-28, Jesus said to one mother "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs."
"Yes Lord,"she said, "but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table."
Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request has been granted," and her daughter was healed that very hour.
A coincidence that God mentions dogs here? I think not. Yes, we pray that he heals human beings. Does that mean God is exhausted, and has nothing left for the dogs? I don't think so. Healing Emma for God is like the scraps under the children's table.
Sure, He may answer my prayers with a no. But I am placing all my trust in Him. Pray with me that I might have the same great faith as this woman in scripture. And please pray that God would answer our prayers and heal Emma.
Thank you

January 29

Fluffers and Nermal
Two of my cats have cancer. Nermal is a 16 years young female that was diagnosed with oral cancer in July of 2014. The vet was able to remove it and she was doing great until December. We think the cancer is back. We also have a 10 years young male cat named Mister Fluffers that was diagnosed with lymphoma in Nov. 2014. We have been giving him chemo 2x's a week for the last 2 months. He was doing really well until a week ago when he started throwing up and just hasn't been his perky self. We took him to the vet and the mass hasn't shrunk and he lost more weight. I really need God's help, I don't know how much more pain my heart can take. We lost one of our other babies in May 2014 to lymphoma and I just don't understand how 3 out of 4 cats can have cancer. Please pray for my babies I don't want to lose them.
Thank you so much,

January 28

UPDATE: Bad news. Bumble passed in the night last night! God will take him home safely. I told him to fight if he wanted to stay, to go if he wanted to join his brother (over the Rainbow Bridge already :( and well out of pain and suffering). He chose to go.
RIP. Now pray for my basement kitties to STAY healthy, and not get sick, so I can get them all safely to their barn home that is awaiting once we get vet visits arranged next week...

January 28

Bumble is a former feral, rescued from his colony 10 days ago. We waited to get vetted, but turns out he is very ill. He has a HORRIBLE fungal disease! In his nose, and his paws. We are giving him 72 hrs of vet care - hydration, anti fungal meds, and washing out his sinuses to culture what he has. He has a fever and is having trouble eating. We are PRAYING he responds to the anti fungal meds with in 72 hrs and begins to EAT again.
He is a sweet boy - pray he understands we are here to HELP him get well, and that IF he wants to live, he lets us know by RESPONDING to treatment and being to EAT, have his fever BREAK.
I can only afford 7 days at the vets, so if he can't respond within 72 hrs and start eating, I won't be able to keep him.
Pray someone comes to help us? To help medicate? He will need antifungals 2x daily, and I won't be able to treat him solo. I will need a second pair of hands. I know that IF I can get him 30 days of antifungal, he WILL recover. I am so sure - even with his FIV that
he can make it.
Pray he shows everyone what a SWEET guy he is by responding to
care and love, and that we get a miracle recovery.

January 27

Please pray for my precious cat, Charlie. We just found out he has a mass behind his right eye that is eating away at the bone. He has been in my life and loved by me for more than 6 years but only became part of my family in November 2012 when his owners decided to move away. They could not take Charlie with them and he was, finally, mine. I believe in miracles and I pray for one for my Charlie!
Thank you.

January 25



My sweet, sweet Penny
Losing a dog leaves a hole in your heart,
You simply just wait for your life to restart.
The hurt is so deep that you wonder just how,
You’ll ever recover from pain you feel now.
But time is a blessing and memories are gold.
The years that you loved her and watched her grow old,
Are gifts that she leaves you to treasure and then,
One day you’ll see her and love her again.

Author: Glenda Gillis

January 23

Would you please be so kind and put a little prayer on the pets prayer list for my beloved Penny of almost 20 years. She was struck by a car and killed here in the street where we live. At the moment, I am devastated! And cannot think straight!!! Would you also be so kind and send me a link, when I lost my previous laptop, I lost everything!! Thank you so much, would really appreciate it, will contact you later.

(This is a friend of mine in South Africa - I'm almost as heartbroken as she is about Penny, such a beautiful little soul. Marianne, Prayerlinks)

January 21

UPDATE: Harley was our dog and we had to put him down yesterday! We tried everything! Hope he knows this and is in God's care!

January 17


Harley was diagnosed with Kidney failure! We're trying meds to give him as much time as possible! Please pray that he makes a recovery!

January 12

Please say a prayer for Bimbo, a beautiful soul. A Shar Pei experiencing kidney failure.
Thank you

January 16

Maggie Mae
Please send prayers for beloved sweet Maggie Mae ... She went missing on the 12th and I'm lost without her. She's just 2 and the sweetest most loving dog I've ever seen. I pray for her to come home to her daddy. My heart breaks as I spend my days looking for her. All I ask the Lord is to bring her home to me.

January 14

Pray for me and Delilah tonight I have to let her go

January 12

Chu Chu
Hi can you please keep our sweet Baby Chu Chu in your prayers. He's having surgery on his stomach right now because he has an obstruction.
Thanks so much!

January 11

Please pray for a miracle that my cat Summer will get healthy. She is only 4 years old and her kidneys are failing. The vet is trying a procedure that is her only option right now. If this doesn't work I may have to put her to sleep. My husband is away and will be away for another 4-5 months. I don't want her to die at all, especially while he is away. I have 5 other cats and feed 15 to 18 stray cats everyday. I love cats. Please pray that Summer will recover and that her kidneys heal so that I can bring her back home soon. Thank you,
Melinda W.

January 9

Please pray for Bentley old dog with E coli

January 9


Please pray for Twinky. She has a degenerative condition and we may have to put her to sleep soon but I’m not ready to lose her. God did heal one of my other dogs who was supposed to be fatally ill as well so I know that He can heal Twinky if it’s according to His will. My dogs are like children to me. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you, God bless you.

January 8

Pls pray for our dog Daisy? She's very ill right now. Thanks!!! Sincerely,
Evie, RN BSN

January 5

Please pray for our little Sophie, her foot was operated on 2 X for a simple declaw, someone pushed her operated foot into the cage, she has been suffering since Nov.18, please pray she heals as she is only 6 months old and a real sweetie.

December 31

Please pray that Zakk makes it through this surgery, just took him to ER and he has urinary blockage needs emergency surgery. Please pray he will be fine and heal quickly in Jesus name, amen. Thank you

December 27


Hello, Please pray for Aflie's eye to heal, Vet thinks it is Third Eyelid infection. But not sure. it has been 3 days, and gotten worse. Vet is changing medicine today and giving him pain medicine. Aflie is 8, and has had lifelong severe allergies. He also has a fungal infection in his toes. I pray for healing, and for Alfie to have quality of life. Thank you I will keep you updated, and thank you so much.
I am so afraid and worried, and my faith is weak
Welles BAy

December 27

Pray for healing over my beautiful cat Shark. Pray for his stomach issues to heal. Pray for a supernatural healing. Amen and amen.

December 27

Hi - I know you guys stood in prayer with me before so I’m asking that you stand with me again for the continued health and well being of my cat Molly. I noticed a couple of changes in her body lately that didn’t seem right, but she is still being her plucky self. So I ask that you will pray with me and my family that she will not get sick again.

Thanks again so Much! I pray that all the animals you guys are praying for will make recoveries and be blessed!
Peace and Blessings to your team once again.
You all are still in our prayers!

December 27

URGENT prayer/positive thought needed for Bear. She saw the vet 2 days ago and was 'holding fine', but for the cold. However, she has had constant emissions from both nostrils for 36 hours now, she's swallowing too much of it and she's throwing up. She's refusing food and drinking very little. Talked to the vet and if there is no turnaround by morning, we are going to have to make a decision about quality of life here.
She's been fighting IBS for 10 years, taking meds daily, but this new health issue is maybe just too much for her poor, tired body. She seems exhausted. So any prayers or prayer groups you can get on this would be appreciated.

December 17

UPDATE: Thank you so much for prayers for Lily. It is very much appreciated. The latest news here is that we had the test results back from the vet and they seem to think that Lily might have a fibrosarcoma, a malignant tumour. It is located almost exactly where she has had her vaccinations over the years. Taking all things into consideration - her age, location of the thing and the risks - it is too risky to try and remove it so I am praying daily for God to heal her. I think it is something that can affect the soft tissues, skin, muscles, and even bone so I am praying for healing for all these areas and for God to shrink it. Thanks so much for your support.
God bless you

December 14

Please could you pray for my 9 year old houserabbit Lily. I have found a lump on her back and I need to take her to the vet to have it checked out. I don’t know what it is - concerned that it could be a tumour or an abscess or something like that. I really pray that God will heal Lily and give us a few more years with her. We recently lost my other bunny Daisy (Lily’s mum) who was 11 years old - she had breathing problems but God gave her 3 years extra with us from when she first showed any symptoms. I really pray that God will bless Lily too and have mercy on us. God has never let us down - and he has brought us through so much together. I pray he will come through for us again with Lily. Thank you and God bless you.

December 7

Oz (and Molly)
Please pray for Oz, who is an Australian Shepherd. He is to be in a herding performance competition this weekend the 12th 13th and 14th. We are believing for him to not only do well but even win and get very high scores all the way around.
Oz's owner Diane is a Christian minister and one of the reasons she has been entering him in the competitions is to be a witness to the other dog owners, the trainers and the people running the events. So we are believing for Oz to do well to God's glory and for them both to be a witness for what God can do. In a recent trial Oz did not do too well. There was some interference from the enemy.
Right now would you please pray for the trainer Molly, for her to do well with Oz, to make her best effort with him and to follow through on the training that she promised prior to this weekend's event.

December 10

UPDATE: Would love to tell you that today is exactly 3 years since I took Coco home as a rescue dog.
Not really sure how old is she (I suspect she is around 7 as vet says) and I have always considered 3 Dec to be her “bday” as she had a new lease of life being adopted.

She is doing ok, the scar had healed and I am continuing to give her turmeric. I am not 100% sure if the cancer cells could be in there but I give her lots of vege, some meat and little rice every day. ?

December 3

UPDATE: Was at the vet on Monday. No good – the vet had a look and he suspects its cancer.
Unfortunately in my country, where vetinary care for cancer is not very advanced, he said he can't do much to diagnose.
I would have to take my dog to one of our local universities that has a vetinary faculty.
Now, we have 2 challenges. 1 – it is far to drive and not possible with taking her there. 2. As mentioned, in my country, its not likely people here treat their dogs with chemo / radiation or whatever so taking my dog to the faculty would mean they would use her for drug testing! I strongly am against that.
I now pray that with proper food she can still have a good quality of life and hopefully she can try to fight off the cancer cells with her own immune system.

September 4



Please pray for Coco..She had a tumour removed from her right back leg almost 2 months back. After removing the stitches she developed some white mass of flesh, and shortly after that her lesion did not heal. For the last 10 days over, the vet had put her on Baytril , an antibiotic that could hopefully heal the wound. The vet believes it may be some form of cancer and I certainly hope it is not. Please pray for Coco to have at least a few more good years on this earth before she passes the rainbow bridge. She was a rescued dog with a very bad past with former owner. I hope she has good health for some time to come and she is not having the dreaded cancer.

August 27

The month of November has /is taken/taking a toll on my little Maltese, Winston. He started out with tonsillitis the first two weeks and is now recovering from having surgically removed stones/cyst removed from his intestine and bladder along with being castrated. He now sleeps much of the day and sometimes just stands and looks. He is different. I am praying God heals his little body and strengthen him. Pray for him, please!

November 30

Jake and Chloe
Please pray for my dogs Jake and Chloe to come home. They disappeared together the Monday before thanksgiving and have not come back home. We live on a hill and sometimes they go exploring but are back by the next day. This time they didn't. We've looked my neighborhood, other neighborhoods, fields, and shrubbery for them everyday this week. I just want my dogs back that I've had since I was a little kid. Jake is an 11 year old Blake lab and Chloe is a 4 year old Chocolate lab. My mom and I have both posted pictures of them on all social media and have contacted all the shelters in out area. Please pray for them to come - a Christmas would just feel empty with out them. Thank you,

November 30

UPDATE: Thank you for your prayers for Bailee. She is doing better, so I would say they are working! God is Good! Blessing,

November 30


Please pray for my 14 year old Cairn terrier, Bailee. She has lost one eye to glaucoma , and the other one isn't doing very well.
She has lost most of her sight. Even with this, she is still happy and has a good appetite.
Thank you for your prayer.

October 29

Please pray for my 9 year old Persian cat Willow. She has been experiencing a number of issues including vomiting and lethargy. She has an appt in the morning with her vet. Please be in agreement with me for God to restore her health, her kidneys, and bless her with perfect blood panels, so she may be blessed with long life. She is my heart. Thank you.

November 26

Oz (and Diane)
Please pray for Oz, an Aussie Shepherd and his human Diane.
Oz is getting special training this week and will be in a herding competition on the weekend, 11/15 to 11/16.
We are believing for him to do well, even placing 1st, to God's glory.
God is using Diane to be a witness in these groups of dog owners, trainers and competitors where there are next to no Christians. The opposition can be intense so please pray for extra protection for both Diane and Oz, for favor, blessings and safe travel.
Thank you so much and God bless.

November 15

Guinness, the horse
UPDATE: Today's update, fever is gone. They are giving some hay cubes and water. He is still in isolation. As soon as they take his white blood count again and it gets above 5 than he can go to a regular stall. It is slow but it is improving little bit by bit. Glory to God and thank you saints for praying. Please continue.

November 15


UPDATE: Hello, there was a little change last night, his heart rate went from 90 down to 50 which is good. Normal range is 28-44 beats.
He passed a little stool and they reduced his IV some. He is not out of the woods yet. He needs to pass more stool. The bowel haso to move and I dont know what the blood cell count is yet but it needs to come up to normal for it was too low. He resistance was down. I am praying he for these changes and that he can then begin to eat and come out of isolation and that he will not be sad. Thank you may the Lord get all the Praise. Let Guinness not die but live and I will declare the works of the Lord. thank you.
Thank you.

November 15


Please, Guinness needs help. He went to the equine hospital for foot surgery.
He seemed to be doing well but now his white blood count is low, heart rate high and not eating. His bowels have stopped moving and he needs to get his food moving through. His system is septic and he is weak to be able to fight it. He is on IV. He is in isolation and he is so sad. Please pray.
Thank you.

November 13

UPDATE: Please pray for yubi. He's so weak :(
I need more prayer for him. Please. Thank you.

November 15


Please pray for my dog Yubi, he is a 6 months old shih tzu. He has Parvo, he was admitted to the vet clinic today and doctor says he's so very weak. I need your prayers. :((( i hope my baby yubi will survive from Parvo. Could you pray for his fast recovery. Thank you. God bless!

November 12

Please pray for Cassie, Sue and Adrian's beloved, sweet Rottie. Sue and Adrian are our daughter and son-in-law in England. Cassie had been limping recently and we just thought maybe she had pulled a muscle in her front leg. Sue and Adrian took her to the vet for tests yesterday, and went to pick her up today, to be given some really bad news - it's a carcinoma in her bones, and the prognosis is not good - 2 to 4 months, possibly. Not much can be done except for some pain relief, but she is still eating and wants to play and go for a walk so they will just leave things as they are for now. She's 9 years old, which is quite a lot for a big dog, and putting her through chemo or amputating her leg will probably make no difference, except to give her maybe another month or two, as this is an aggressive tumour. It's not fair to put her through this at her age, so they want to let her have as good a quality of life as they can for this time that they have her... and to let her spend time with Baz - their other Rottie. He had a tumour in his shoulder some months back but it turned out to be operable as it was encased and was easy to remove .. so he's doing okay, thank God. It's a big shock to all of us. Please pray - we never know what miracles can happen. Sad.
(John and Marianne, Prayerlinks Pet Prayer)

November 4

Could you please pray for my dog Delilah, she has had a bladder infection and after one round of antibiotics she isn't better, my vet after doing a culture found the bacteria was resistant so we started the new medication yesterday but she still feels so bad and does not want to eat, I had to go to work today but she is being looked after by a friend but it's not the same as me being there . And I am going to worry, Thank you.

By the way this is Diva's Mother that was ill last month that you all prayed for.

November 4

Request you to please pray for my 10 year old Labrador. She is unwell from three days. Doctor says she's got an infection and that she will have to be operated soon. As what has been told they might operate and remove her uterus.
She is very serious now and hasn't had much since a couple of days. Please pray for her healing from this infection and to get well soon.

October 30

UPDATE: Thank you kind folks ! our Wonderful Vet, Dr. Watts just called to say: He pulled a 1 1/2 piece of metal, out of his paw, pointing straight up his leg. He stitched inside and out the paw wound. The wound is draining, and bandaged now. The Vet gave the paw laser treatment to
speed healing. Charlie was neutered too, and that wound is all right. Charlie will stay overnight at the Vet. and the Vet will call tomorrow to let us know how he is doing , and if he can come home tomorrow. We live on a farm, God Bless you and our Charlie. Thank you for praying, I believe in prayer and Charlie. with love

October 28

Please pray for my sweet dog Charlie going to surgery today for his right front paw and to be neutered.
I pray surgery goes well, the surgeon is skillful and caring, the staff are kind and loving, and that Charlie will adjust to the Cone, sleep through the night at the Vet. and when we pick him up tomorrow and bring him home that he will be calm, not jump, or run around until he heals Amen

October 28

Please pray for my Jack, 1 year male cat who went away with my other indoor cats. Others were found but he is still missing since some hours.
There are lots of stray dogs and some cats in our area. Please pray that he will come home safely and soon.
Also Pray that I find good shelter to give away 3 kittens.
(Our cat out-house is rusted and will be repaired)
Vandana (India)

October 18

I need prayer for agreement for my Dog Sophie who has a severe gash to her side through a car hitting her - the wound is really bad, also 50 /50 chance of gangrene
Jesus, please heal Sophie from her wounds make her flesh whole in your healing power - Lord .when she goes to the vet tomorrow there will no sign of the gangrene and the flesh will have started to heal. I believe in your miracle powers and your healing over Sophie I ask in the names of Jesus Christ thank you Jesus. Amen
Please pray with me for this
thank you
Jackie H.

October 14

Chloe, Husky needing serious surgery
UPDATE: I wanna thank you all again for praying for my dog chloe - her stitches were removed and she's now fully on the road to recovery. I want to let you all know i check this site everyday and i will pray for each and everyone of you everyday! I believe in st francis. He makes miracles. I will never forget your kindness. Thank you so much again.Prayers from me daily. God bless.
Jill M.

October 14

UPDATE: Just need to thank you all for your prayers - my Chloe had a mammory gland tumor and needed a triple massectomy. By the grace of God we got the funds and she was able to get the surgery which was very aggresive and she was spayed. The tumor was sent to the lab and just found out yesterday her tumor was not cancerous! She gets her stitches out monday. Once again thank you for your prayers as i will continue praying for all the animals on this site daily. God bless.

October 10

Please pray for my Chloe she has to have a triple masectomy done and I've never been so scared. There is a tumor and it has to come out otherwise it will spread and she's very uncomfortable. I need prayers she will make it through with a good recovery. God bless you all.

September 23

UPDATE: Thank you for your prayers ! Diva is almost back to normal. The x Rays showed gastritis , stomach was very upset causing the pain and swelling. After medication for discomfort and receiving fluids she was able to eat some today and was playing again. Thank God and all of you!

October 10

Please pray now for my dog Diva we are at emergency vet now she is only 4 and is in pain. I love her so much she is being x Rayd now. Please God let her be ok, please

October 8

UPDATE: He sees an acupuncturist on Thursday. We are praying for him – and my son.
Thanks again. I would be happy to be included in prayer requests, as well.

October 8

We ask for prayers for our dog, Crimper. He has a severely arthritic elbow and has injured it. He is now unable to walk on it. We have sought every treatment we can for him, but he is not improving. We are committed to prevent his suffering and are faced with having to put him down if he doesn’t improve. He is a wonderful, loyal, beautiful dog. He and my son are devoted to each other. I do not know how my son will bear his loss. And, I don’t think this dog is ready to go. He is alert, eating, and curious. He just can’t walk. Please keep him in your prayers. I know he was a gift to my son. We are running out of options. Just not yet…
Thank you very much for your kindness.

October 4

Please pray for Angel. 15 1/2 yr old Westie with pyometra. I would do surgery if not for other complications. Mammary cancer, liver mass, kidney insufficiency, cough, and fluid on heart. I will put her to sleep at the first sign of suffering, but she is still eating well and walking well. I would have spayed her had I known. My vet never told me. Thank you for praying. God heals.

October 2


UPDATE: Unfortunately my baby girl Babouska passed away last Saturday. God took her painlessly and gracefully to heaven. God keep u safe until we meet again. Love

September 28


My baby girl Babouska I love her so much. A tumour was found in her spleen and she had it removed. Unfortunately it was cancer and the vets are not giving me much hope. My faith is in Jesus. I speak life over her daily and put holy oil also. I know that God loves animals and that He heals and I ask for prayers for my Babou. Please pray that the cancer doesn't return in Jesus Name. You are such wonderful people. Some people don't understand how much our pets mean to us. Thank you so much.

January 27

UPDATE: Thank you very much. I am pleased to report Simon's broken leg is healing. He has a new challenge of a skin infection on his face which was an indirect cause due to not being able to change his bedding often enough. So now I am addressing both issues. Many many thanx for helping my baby.
Simon's mum

September 27


Please pray for Simon rabbit. He has a broken femur and survived the surgery. He needs healing energies and love to beat this challenge. Currently, he is not doing so well.
Simon is the love of my life. I know he wants to live. He needs TLC from God so he can heal.
Many thanks, appreciation and support,
Simon’s mum

September 18

Missing Cat - Bhuri
UPDATE: Thank you so much for your prayers. Bhuri was found safe after 29 hours and brought home.

September 24


Please pray for my Bhuri, 1 year female cat who went away with my other indoor cats. Others were found but she is still missing since 16 hours. There are lots of stray dogs in our area. Please pray that she will come home safely and soon. --
Vandana (India)

September 23

Please pray for my cat Lili she has asthma. It is getting worse and nothing helps for very long. She suffers so much and it breaks my heart to see her struggle to breath. I will agree with you in prayer that she will be completely healed and even healed from all the effects of the medicine that she had to take!

September 22


UPDATE: He is home safe and sound!!! Thank you for all your prayers.

September 20

My daughter's cat is missing since September 13, 2014 and she is devastated.
Please pray for his safe speedy return.

September 19

Please pray for our dog Chloe - she needs surgery and we don't have the funds - by the grace of God and prayers we should have it the end of this month. Please pray she will make it through; she has a mammory gland tumor and it's bad. Thank you and God bless.

September 16


My friend's dog/boxer Oscar has a tumor. My friend Janeen and Oscar need some prayers please!

September 13

UPDATE: First of all, thank you to all the prayer partners on this site. I do believe that Butch’s continued recovery is due, in part, to your prayers.
Butch is doing well. His staples are out and we finally found a food he’ll eat. He was being really fussy there for awhile. Also, all of Butch’s biopsies came back negative for cancer. Thank you, God!
We still have a couple of concerns, however. Butch’s last blood work showed an increase in his liver enzymes. His vet thinks it’s due to a deep seated infection so we’re giving him 2 more weeks of antibiotics. He was also given 2 new medications to help support his liver. Butch has also started vomiting what looks like bile. It’s happened two days in a row at about the same time each day. I was unable to contact his vet at Cornell, so I’m praying that this is just a passing thing.
Thank you, again, for all your prayers.
Ann Marie

September 13

UPDATE: Just wanted you to know that Butch came through his surgery with flying colors and actually was able to come home faster than was originally thought. Thank you all for your prayers. I know that prayer had a great deal to do with his quick recovery. We're still waiting for some biopsy results on the abdominal mass. However, the surgeon said that he would be "greatly surprised" if the biopsy came back positive for cancer.
Please continue to keep Butch in prayer as he continues his recovery.
Ann Marie

September 2

Please pray for my dog, Butch. He’s an 8 year old Min in with diabetes and cataracts. We took him to Cornell on Aug. 20 for a preliminary workup for cataract surgery. During the workup they found our that Butch has gallstones and a mass in his abdomen. The one gallstone is so large that there is a possibility it might block the bile duct causing the gallbladder to rupture. He is scheduled for surgery on Monday, Aug. 25, to have his gallbladder and the mass removed. Please pray for his safety during surgery, guidance for the surgeon’s hand, that the mass would be benign, and for a quick recovery for Butch.
Ann Marie

August 22

Morgan, a Therapy Dog working in a hospital
UPDATE: Today we went back to Cornell animal hospital for blood work. His bilirubin levels were down to 1.5 ( normal is .5 ) so this is a huge improvement form 15. His toxic enzyme level is dropping but not very fast. Please continue praying for Morgan as anything is possible through prayer. Thank you to all my new prayer buddies.
Jim B

September 5

Morgan needs prayer for a healing for his liver. Some how a toxin got in his system and has caused his liver to be possibly damaged. He spent a week at Cornell University animal hospital. He is home now but is not out of the woods yet. We will find out about his liver condition in a few weeks with his next ultrasound. Thank You for your prayers
Jim B

September 4

UPDATE: Thank you so much. This has been miraculous. He walked about 3 days after surgery which surprised everyone. He has had the trouble with continence, but yesterday he lifted his leg, and today he had a little success actually urinating on his own. Please keep praying for him to get full bowel control as well. The power of your prayers has been immense and I am so grateful and inspired by the power of prayer like never before.
Thank you.

September 4

To everyone who prayed for Kiefer, thank you. He has recovered remarkably.
Now, he needs prayers for regaining continence. He has to go to the vet daily for catheterization, which he is so tolerant of. His spirit is strong and I'm so so grateful that he is still here, and now walking.
Thank you again to all of you. This site really helped me knowing I was sharing with people I knew could help him and understood what I was going through.
I am praying for all of you as well. If you haven't looked at insurance for your four legged kids; check out healthy paws. It's paid for itself several fold with Kiefer.
Peace of God be with you,

September 1

Please pray for my dog, Trooper. He is the center of my world. Trooper recently had a couple of suspicious bumps removed. While we wait for the histology report, I ask that you good faithful folks pray for my boy. Agree with me in faith that he is healthy, strong and set for many more happy years. This is the most important thing I have ever asked anyone to do. Thank you for helping my sweet furry son.
Peace and Blessings to all who reinforce this testament of faith.

August 29

Cocoa Puff
UPDATE: I'm doing fine now! Thank you, everyone, for the prayers!! xxx

August 22

My name is Cocoa Puff - I ate/swallowed something and now I'm at the vets, cause it made me very sick. Please pray that the vet will be able to help me get well. Wish I could tell them what it was that i ate/swallowed :(

August 15

My mother's dog .. .and also Tigger
I am emailing to ask for prayers for my friend's mothe'rs dog, who she loves more than anything. The dog is having surgery for a mass this Thursday. My friend was not able to get time off work to be with her mother. Now my friend's mother thinks she does not care. I ask for prayers of healing between mother and daughter.

I also ask for prayers for my cat Tigger. A few months ago he was diagnosed with kidney stones. Last October I lost a cat to kidney failure due to kidney stones. I ask you to pray that my cat be healed and if a full healing is not possible please ask GOD to give me my cats stones so that my cat will be well and not suffer


August 18

UPDATE: Dear Brothers & Sisters, Answered prayer for Tiffany, she is doing well now.
Thank you for your prayer supports. God richly bless you all!
In Christ,
Bro. Nick

August 20

Please pray for our pet dog name Tiffany, she is a Maltese Terrier breed. She was hit and run by a motorcycle rider this morning in the Philippines. Please pray that there's no damage in her internal organs. That our God will restore her strength. Thank you and we appreciate your kind cooperation. In Christ,
Bro. Nick

August 9

UPDATE: Thanks so much! May God bless you. Molly is doing much better! She is eating and drinking water on her own and her personality is returning. God Bless!

August 10

Hi, I’m Sending in a prayer for my cat Molly. She hasn’t been feeling well lately and the vet gave us some antibiotics to treat her. We have been praying for her speedy recovery and I ask that you and your prayer team would stand with us in faith that she will make a full recovery with no set backs and that this affliction will not rise a second time.
Also please stand with me in prayer for the continued health of our other cat and dog. Please pray that they will stay in perfect health and happy life with us , from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank You So much
Blessings and Peace to you and your team.
You are in our prayers

August 8

Please pray for Coco. She is our friends' 9 yr old lab dog who the vet specialists suspect she has a form of cancer due to her excessive drinking and panting. She has not been diagnosed yet. God can heal her completely through the blood of Jesus Christ. Thanks!

August 8

UPDATE: Blanco seems to have decreasing appetite, losing some weight, although he still responds to us and purrs, enjoying attention whenever he can get it from us! As always, we are open to his experiencing a healing (shrinking or disintegrating--whatever healing may happen) of his tumor, that he can be comfortable. We hope and desire for him to have a quality of life with us for as long as Love/Light/Healing grants this (is it OK to wish for that?!). Thank you for your continued prayers flowing on his behalf.
Gwen and Rob

August 4

Thanks for your support to Blanco--it also provides strength for us too!
Blanco seems to be about the same: he eats moderately, although has lost some weight. His breathing is faster than normal, likely because of the tumor, and he sleeps quite a lot. But he still enjoys one of our laps and our strokes each day, so he continues to be responsive in that way.
Thanks again,
Gwen and Rob

July 28

We've appreciated your caring response concerning our cat Tuxxi (Tuxedo), and his recent passing. Thanks, too, for the poem you've just sent.As it happens, we have another cat, Blanco, who, if you'd be OK with praying/asking for healing on his behalf during this time, we'd also be grateful.

Info on our cat Blanco: His name is Blanco (Spanish for "white") Yes, he's white all over, short-haired male kitty.
Blanco is 17+ years old, came to us as a stray about 16 years ago, so age is approximate.Blanco was diagnosed about 5-6 weeks ago with a tumor in his lungs, and our vet had given him anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 more months to live.We desire for the tumor in Blanco to shrink and altogether disappear, and we could enjoy him and he have a quality of life longer than the vet's prognosis. We also believe that healing and miracles can and do happen on various levels, and we are always open to that! All in all, we want what is for Blanco's highest good.Thank you!

Gwen and Rob

July 20

Please pray for my dog Sage who has kidney disease and anemia. I ask that you pray for his recovery from kidney disease. Also, for a new treatment for his anemia which he begins on July 31.
Thank you!

July 30

Jake (and his Momma)
"GOD, please watch over me today. I pray my surgery goes well and I will be back playing with all my friends at the dog park. And swimming with the ducks. Please watch over my momma, cause she worries about me too."
July 29

Please pray for Jake, he is having surgery in the morning for left luxating patella and check right thigh for tissue damage-internal bleeding-severe bruising. Please pray for God to guide the doctors hands and for full recovery. Please pray his owner too As this is a very emtional time for her too.

July 28

Hi, my name is Mandy & I'm the proud owner of a Golden Retriever. His name is Zipper and he was born on September 29th 2006. When Zipper was around 3yrs old he got hit and it completely changed his life. Although I am beyond grateful to still have him in my life, he was left with a bad break to his front leg that could not be repaired. Now, that he's older it's getting much harder for him to get around. He doesn't even want to go outside most days. I've done everything I know to do for him. He's had surgery and been on medicine to help with pain, but it hasn't helped that much. I also fear that now he's older arthritis may be setting in. I don't have any children of my own and he's the closest thing I have to one. Zipper is my sidekick, best friend, loyal companion... My whole world. There's nothing I wouldn't give to make him better. I do believe in the power of prayer and God knows how many prayers I've sent up for him. It would mean the world to me if you'd also mention his name in prayer. This is a picture of my sweet boy in his younger years. Thank you so much & God Bless!

July 25

Please pray for my kitty Rose, she may have an uti. I am so worried. Thank you

July 23


July 22

Our St. Bernard
UPDATE: Thank you very much for doing this, we have since found out after many tests that she has a tic disease and 50/50 chance. Have had her in the hospital - she is home but every day is a new battle to get her up and around. Please keep her in your prayers and I appreciate all the prayers so far. Thank you

July 21

Our Saint Bernard is grieving over the loss of her sister, now she too is very ill and the vets can not find out what is wrong, many tests have been run and nothing shows up. It is believed that she is dying of a broken heart. We love her dearly and pray that she will be healed.

July 13

UPDATE: I want to let you know that our beloved one-eyed Tuxxi passed away yesterday. The kidney disease and treatment overwhelmed his body, though he seemed still alert. We are still feeling a raw grief and have done our share of crying. Sometimes it's the feelings of guilt (couldn't we have been better caregivers? If only we did..., etc.) that seem to hover around the edges, making the grief all the more intense. Rob was Tuxxi's primary caregiver when it came to giving meds, or applying that extra touch of massage in such a way that was perfect for Tuxxi, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Tuxxi had many seemingly extra needs, ever since having been through an accident when he was quite young. He seemed extra-sensitive, yet he was a strong survivor, pushing to get his needs fulfilled. He came to us as a very young stray, so who knows what other traumas he may have had. But he still lived a full life, we think, and we can only hope that some healing happened for him throughout his life.
And perhaps he gave us some, too (more than we know?). Right now we feel large gaps where he should be in our home, and we are so sad. I like to think that we will somehow be greeted by him (hopefully he has forgiven us of our imperfect ways with him?) in the next phase of existence and we can be joyful and whole together. Right now we grieve the loss of our beloved furry friend.

Thanks for being with us in this way. There is a mystery of a tie that binds us all.
Gwen and Rob

July 8


Could you please pray for healing for our cat, Tuxxi, who was recently diagnosed with kidney disease? He recently has stopped eating and drinking, and right now we are going by the advice of our vet, giving him a few meds, along with fluids, and see if any of these also help him. We of course desire that he can be with us and live a quality life for a little while longer.
Thank you,
Gwen and Rob

July 3

Linda started to exhibit so e strange behavior late this morning. I took her to the local vet, who then told me to get Linda to the hospital. At the veterinary hospital, they took an X-ray and told me the Linda had mesenteric torsion, a twisting of the small intestine - and that she needed immediate surgery, but the prognosis was not good. Linda survived the surgery after they removed half of herb small intestine but there is risk tonight because bacteria from the intestine can put toxins in her blood stream. Please help me pray that she will survive this. She has been part of my family for 13 years! Thank you.
Kathryn J.

June 30

Please pray for my dog Max who is 11 and having surgery today for a tumor in his stomach. He has been a blessing to me
and has been sick many times and God cured him. Please pray God give me a little more time with him, and makes him not have cancer.
Thank you

June 30

Van Gogh
UPDATE: Thank you for your prayers. Van Gogh is recovering from an infected paw and doing well. I just wanted to let you know.

June 25

Van Gogh is a formally feral cat that adopted me. He disappeared for a day and came back limping. He injured a paw and my prayer request is that it heals quickly.

June 19

Request for a rescuer of kittens
UPDATE: Thanks for your prayers - she was able to trap three kittens. One may have died before being rescued by her. But there's hope might be still alive. She is still going to keep on trying, Blessings to all for prayers for these innocent little creatures.

June 18

Please pray for a rescuer who is trying to trap kittens so they won't be killed by Animal Control. Blessings to all!

June 16

Hello ,
My Henry was a cat I found as a kitten , who has been sick from day one with so many maladies, one after the other rashes, allergies , kidney problems, immune disorder, they are not sure what it is. I have spend thousands of dollars and gone to so many doctors, and no one has the answer. Medications almost killed him at one point.
I ask God to heal this poor cat, the doctors and their medicines have made him worse, and now they are saying he may have cancer somewhere in his body. I believe they are clueless and grasping at straws, and I am not going to let them pump this poor cat with more drugs that do not work, an make him worse.
I ask God please to let Henry live and be happy and healthy and let me find what is wrong with him, and let it not be any cancer.
This poor little stray deserves a chance to be happy, please heal my Henry and pray for him! If he needs surgery that he can survive it.
Thanks and God Bless you!
Judi (Henry's mom)

June 17

UPDATE: I wanted to let you know that Katrina has passed away, yesterday her little body gave out. I had been giving her fluids, for kidney failure for a year and half. I am still in shock that she's not here in more. She was an awesome cat. Can you please post a prayer for her. I know she is with God now.

June 8


UPDATE: God bless you and everyone for the prayers sent to Katrina. It's so wonderful that we have your web site to go to for support! In these times we are need support and faith. Katrina is holding her own right now, and I believe it's because of all of the prayers. Once again thank you for caring!

April 4

Hello - I have sent prayer request in the past for my kitty Katrina. Her kidneys aren't working very much anymore, I give her fluids everyday. I have a feeling she is hanging around because we love each other so much! She is 20 years old and we have had a great 20 years! But I keep asking God for more time with her! Everyday I thank God for another day with my Katrina! I'm grateful for our days.... But I don't want her to leave! I have no children .... She is my daughter, but she is getting sick more often! I love her and don't want her to be in pain! Would everyone please pray for God to heal her! I would be very grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Katrina's mommy

March 31

UPDATE: Dear friend
Sadly Max passed away last night, after fighting for his life six days, his heart gave out, and he went to be with God
We are bereft and heartbroken, but Max is fine, and I know he is safe with God and his Angels again
Blessings of love and light
June m2

Please pray for Max our dog, he had a bad fall which has damaged his already damaged neck.....he can't stand now and the vet fears he won't recover.but I know we serve a supernatural God to whom nothing is impossible, and I want the chance to take him home where he is loved and let him live out his days in comfort....please pray he will walk, or even show a slight improvement - I can fight not to have him euthanised
Thank you and God bless

May 28

Thank you profoundly, and I believe prayers helped Misty to survive a frightening night in an oxygen tent in an animal hospital, and to come home to live over two months more, surrounded by love.
Here's a praise report I wrote to thank everyone who prayed for Misty. Also, I think the timing of her recovery in the hospital is significant. It was something very similar to what happened to my father in 2007, when all the medical personnel had given up on him. I sent prayer requests out to everyone online group I could find, and within about a day and a half he made a miraculous recovery and was discharged less than a week later.
With deepest gratitude,
Judy C.
PS Lauren's doing really well, and hasn't had a drink in over 7 months, even after Misty died. For what we're infinitely grateful.

Praise Report, May 23, 2014
with many apologies for taking so long to thank and update all of you who kindly prayed for our cat Misty and our family. This is the update I wrote in January, which I held off sending, maybe because I realized we wouldn’t have Misty with us that much longer. She died around March 23rd. I wrote this note of gratitude right after she came out of the hospital, on January 16 of 17th.
Thank you all profoundly for your healing energy and prayers for our cat Misty. At some time earlier in the week she had an episode of heart failure, which severely damaged her heart muscle.
After Tony, my husband, took her to the animal hospital early Thursday evening, she was put in an oxygen booth and given meds to take the strain off her heart. I didn’t get to the hospital until later that night, partly because I stayed home to send prayer requests, starting around 8:00 a.m. Eastern time.
By Friday morning, during the visits to the ICU that I was allowed from 6:00 and 8:30 a.m., Misty was failing. Although she looked at me, her eyes kept closing, and I thought it was the end.
But, miraculously, five hours later, by 2:00 p.m. Friday (from 14 to 16 hours after my requests), she was eating and had been weaned off the oxygen! We brought her home around 6:00 last night (Friday), about 24 hours after she was admitted to the hospital.
I’m including these details of Misty’s amazing recovery to give you an idea of the timeline, in relation to your powerful prayers.
Today she looks great, a little thin, but is eating, meowing and begging for treats. When a young woman she knows came over this afternoon, she got off a radiator she was resting on at home and walked over to greet her, her tail high in the air to show happiness.
Our greatest gratitude to you as well as the compassionate medical professionals we were so lucky were on duty during this family crisis.
We also greatly appreciate your prayers for Lauren, who was so upset when she learned Misty was in the hospital that she started seeing colors and objects. But, mercifully, she hasn’t had a drink.
We’d like to ask you to please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Lauren continues to be at risk, although she’s staying sober. And because Misty’s heart muscle has been severely damaged, we won’t have her forever. A veterinarian friend wrote to concentrate now on giving her the best quality of life.
With our deepest, deepest gratitude,
Judy, Tony, Lauren, Nick (and Misty and Poe)
New York City

Follow-up May 23, 2014:
Sadly, Misty died two months ago, a little over two months after we brought her home. But during those two months, she was very affectionate and seemed very happy once she was home. We’re so grateful we had that time with her and that she didn’t die alone in the hospital. Our deepest gratitude to all of you who helped to give her a little more time with us and a good quality of life.

May 24

Bounce the Bobtail, house rabbit and therapy rabbit has been ill for a few days. I have a neurological disorder and she's normally great company, especially when I'm housebound.
She stopped eating on Sat and after various medicines I managed to get her to eating again, but only grass, clover and plantain. She's refusing greens, pellets and even treats - all of which she gobbles up and demands more of normally. Vet says her gut is slow and given an injection this morning, if still not eating properly tomorrow then has to go back to vet and have an injection of something stronger.
I've laid hands on her, prayed in tongues and English over her, made declarations of wellness and healing but with no effect.

May 19

Cooper is getting old and has a bad leg. Please help me pray for him to get better and not be in pain. He's a good dog and is a cherished family member. By the way, I don't think it is a coincidence that when you spell dog backwards you get God. They truly bring us closer to Him.

May 2

Please pray for my dearly loved, precious cat Floyd. He has a tumor and it needs to be removed ASAP. The vet is afraid it cannot be remove without radiation. I do not believe this will be the case. In my heart I know it can be safely removed. We will not know for sure until Thursday when we receive the results from the biopsy. Please please pray that he can be swiftly healed and live a long happy life. This is very unexpected. He is not in any pain and is a happy cat. All my trust and faith in God and St. Francis. Thank you.

April 30

Two Requests
**I have two prayers:** ~ Please pray that our older 11 year old cat who went missing almost 5 months ago is not in pain or hurt and that God will bring him back home to us unharmed soon..................... Amen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~**---My second prayer is for a friend's dog, age 3 who cannot move or jump or run due to what the doctors say is a space between her spine. This all happened within 2 days. Please, pray for my cat and our friend's dog; I humbly ask God for help. ........................Amen.

April 30

UPDATE: I’d like to give you an up-date on my 4 year old female dog Emily, who I had all of you pray for after she had surgery last Friday the 4th of April. For a Pyometra infection in her Uterus, the Doctor had removed it with about a ½ gallon of pus and blood in it praise God it ruptured after he removed it. But it left her with a huge 37,000 white blood cell count and close to being septic.
Today I can report to all who prayed for her that God has touched her and she is getting back to normal. She looks a lot better and is eating and drinking. I will take her back in a few days to get her stitches out and check up on her white cell count. Thank you all for praying and giving God all the Glory for her healing.
Gregg & Emily

April 11

Please pray for my Dog Emily who recently had surgery for a uterus infection, which was removed.
But her white cell count is very high and it needs to come down. She is on Antibiotics but needs the power of prayer.
Thank You.

April 8

History is repeating itself way too soon for me to accept. Tests results show Sunshine and I are beginning the exact same journey of kidney failure as my beloved Scooter who only lived 11 months after her diagnosis. My heart is heavy and I do not know if I can do this again so soon. I am without a doubt going to fall into my dark place once again. Plz keep us in your thoughts and prayers - we will need them.

April 10

My dear 8 year old golden retriever, LuLu has been diagnosed with soft tissue cancer and is having surgery tomorrow. She will most likely need radiation and possibly chemo.Lord please give strength and guidance to LuLu's doctors. And please return our dear girl to health so that she may live a long happy life. Amen

April 10

Please pray for our beloved 7 yr old dog, Alice. She had ACL surgery in December and still has a hard time. She can't run and play like she used to and even a fraction of the activity she used to do has her lifting her paw in pain. Vet says she is all healed but I know our dog and she is not. Please pray Father God will miracously totally heal her. It's been a traumatic series of events since the acl was torn.

April 9

Hi there, My little 4 year old Miniture Dauchound/ Daxie, Jessi, is very sick with her back ?.
My heart is extremely sore about this,- she is my little brown bundle of joy!! It’s been over a week now that she has this inflammation/ infection in her spinal cord. I have been giving her the anti-biotics that the vet has given me, but it is not working the way it’s supposed to work. My husband and I took her to the Vet again for something for the pain, - they are keeping her for observation for 2 nights.
It is only the blood of The Most High Lamb that can save my Jessi from the worst and heal her like He promises in His Word – By My stripes you are healed.
I need you to stand in agreement with me and pray for Jessi please.
She is EVERYTHING what her name means:
Biblical Meaning:
The name Jesse is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Jesse is: Gift; oblation; one who is.
Hebrew Meaning:
The name Jesse is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jesse is: Wealthy. Jehovah exists.
Thank you for standing with me in prayer & agreement for her healing.
Best Regards,

April 8

UPDATE: Bingo is home now recovering. Most swelling gone, too early to tell if perment damage to eye or not. Please continue praying for Bingo. Please pray for his two little owners as they adjust to seeing him hurt. Please pray that the three of them will be running and playing together soon. Thank you.

April 7

I need urgent prayers for a friend's dog- a white german shepherd bitten by a snake (probably rattlesnake) - is at vet and not doing well, very sick. This dog belongs to my very close friend that passed 1 1/2 years ago- one of her sons have him now- its rattlesnake time of the year here now- their cat got bitten tuesday- and B ingo now, trying to find more out - also praying that their two kids dont get bitten.

Just talked to owner- it bit him on right eye brow and eye- didn't puncture eyebal l- don't know yet if he lost sight, is excepting being hand fed, owners were able to get him to get up and move around for them at vets- please pray for his two little owners, his pals, mom said they are worried too and missing him - also found out their cat is ok now.

April 4

Praying and believing in the healing power of my Lord Jesus for My dog Beaux. He vomited up some blood and I took him to the vet. Blood work was normal. He may have an irritated stomach, was given meds. Praying that this must go in the name of Jesus. That my precious papillion Beaux is healed in the name of Jesus and sickness never to return. Thank you for your prayer of agreement with me. God bless,

March 28

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your support. . I know it will help!! He has gone into hospital now and will have blood tests done, so we should at least know what the problem isbefore too much time passes.
Elan & Dan

Our cat Jake is suffering from a skin disease currently undiagnosed. Please pray that a swift cure will be found soon.
Elan and Dan

March 28


A little dog in China - Lulu
Hello hope I am not bothering you. I just had to send you the photo of Lulu with her new friends.I was so worried that the transition would traumatize her but it turned out better than I expected. All the dogs get along and the people who will care for her are dog lovers.This in itself is a miracle because so many workers hate dogs. Again thank you for your prayers!!
So happy.

March 4

UPDATE: Just writing to you to to let you know that I found a home for Lulu.A friend of mine has this place in the mountain with about 6 dogs.I told him the situation and he gladly no questions ask will take Lulu! Praise God I am so happy ! I am sure she will adjust there with the other dogs and food. Thank you for the prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

March 2

I am in China where animal abuse is an ongoing event.I have befriended a little dog abused beaten,starved and who had a wire wrapped around her neck imbedded in her skin.Now that I am attached to her I was told she has go.So my friend said he will take her somewhere.But where? I am asking for prayers that she can find a good home.I am pleading or your prayers. Amen

February 27

UPDATE: I just wanted to let you know that Duster is much better! She didn't have cancer, and she is responding well to her medication so far. I will keep you updated. Thank you for your prayers!

February 28

Hi - I would so grateful if you could pray for my little girl, Duster. She is the sweetest soul in the world, and is such a good loving girl. Duster turned 7 years old on January 16th, and is a black very fluffy half Persian cat with a small white spot on her chest. Last Wednesday night (Jan 29th) I noticed she was a bit lethargic, and on Thursday her coordination wasn't normal. She had trouble finding her treats when I gave them to her and her back legs were sliding outwards. I took her to the vet immediately and they took blood tests. The red cell blood count came back elevated, at 68. They then tested her for leukemia, aids, diabetes, and did a full body scan. Everything was negative, so they did an ultrasound. They didn't find anything. The vet then told me that was bad news because he feared a very rare kind of blood cancer, and now she has to have a bone marrow aspirate. Her red blood cell levels also elevated to 82. There could also be no reason for her high red blood cell count, and that's what I am trying so hard to believe in and pray for, because there is treatment.
She is at a different animal hospital now that does the testing. She is staying overnight, and has had an IV and also blood drawn from her to thin it before her test. The levels were too high for the test initially.
She has the bone marrow aspirate tomorrow morning, they said between 9am-12pm. Please pray for my soulmate and best friend Duster. Please pray for a miracle that she will be healed.
I'm sorry if this is too long, but I just want to explain everything. If it helps at all to tell you about myself, I'm a 29 year old girl living in NY and I love my baby Duster more than anything.
Thank you so much for keeping Duster in your prayers, I appreciate it so much.
Jackie C

February 6

My dog Buddy is having surgery next Friday to have this thing near his eye removed....I just pray that everything is ok for him....and he recovers quickly. I offer this prayer up to you. Amen

February 22

I have a little dog named Missy that is part Shesue Lhasa apso and miniature dachshund. Anyway she's 16 years old and has just been diagnosed with kidney failure at 33% she seemed to be going downhill fast and we started her on organic dog food and it seems to be helping. Gave her appetite back but we would still like to have prayer for her that God will heal her completely. I thank God that there's people out there like you that will take the time out to pray for people's pets. Thank you very much
George B.
From: Anchorage, Ak

February 16

I’m not sure what’s wrong with my cat Lewis. I called the ASPCA about him; maybe be poisoned by a house plant. I love my Lewis and he keeps me company and I’m worried it might be serious. Please pray for him to get better fast.
Thank you.

February 15

Please pray for my dog Bella. She is only 7 and had a tumor removed . She went through chemo but now the tumor is coming back. We need healing prayers..I don't want to lose her..we love her so much. Please pray for our baby.

February 10

Hi please pray for Dillon, my sister's dog. He will be going thru surgery today to find out about a large mass in his colon . A decision will have to be made to wake him up or not. Thank you very much.

February 6

Hello. I am praying that God and the guardian angels that work through Him will continue to protect Callie from harm and help her to find her way home. Callie is a very smart, but very timid 1-year old cat. I adopted her when she was 4-5 weeks old, and she has lived indoors-only until Dec. 11, 2013. She has 4 different colors and looks like a cross between a calico and a striped tabby. I live in a second floor apartment and she is not familiar with the outdoor area ! Callie “escaped” from the front door that I did not know was not completely shut, and she bolted down the stairs. I haven’t seen her since, but I know she is close by.
My prayer is that she is safe, finds enough food & water and that God will help guide her home. I know she has been hiding because she is lost and doesn’t know which apartment is hers. Her pet mommy and her big sister miss her very much; it is not the same without her ! I have been doing foot searches and use humane cat traps when I can. She does not answer when I call, but I know she hears me and wants to come home soon.
Thank you for your prayers, not only for Callie, but also all of God’s animal friends and the beloved pets of people all over. God bless you.
Sonia (Miami, Fl)

January 28

A friend's cat, named Aki, got out and went walkabout. She's been missing for three weeks and while she is chipped, she is also extremely skittish and my friend is very concerned that no one will be able to catch her. Please pray that she will be found safe and well and that God will watch over her and guide her safely back home.

January 26

Misty (Poe - and Family)
Please kindly pray for our cat, Misty, who was rescued and then adopted by us 12-13 years ago, when our daughter Lauren M begged for a cat to comfort her after witnessing 9/11. Misty is Lauren's cat, is grey, white & black & so sweet & loving to us. She’s at the Blue Pearl animal hosp in New York City due to a recent severe heart attack.Her condition is grave, & she might not live much longer even if she survives tonight.
We’re especially concerned for Lauren, who with her twin brother Nick is almost 21. Lauren has a history of panic attacks, depression & alcoholism, & only became sober recently in AA. She's very vulnerable & we'd be so grateful for prayers for her to stay sober forever.
We'd be so grateful if you would please pray for the very best outcomes for Misty, for Poe, our younger female cat, for me & my husband Tony M & for our children.
With deepest gratitude,
Judy C

January 17

My dog, Yummy passed away jan 14, because of Congestive Heart Failure. He has been my source of affection for 7 years and his loss is heartbreaking. I'm sure he's in a better place now.

January 16

Please allow me to place a payer request for my beloved Pet Vinson who needs to have a lump removed from his right front leg/paw joint area. May God Bless you and yours as well.
T R Fox

January 16

The Vet found tumor on Auggie’s hind foot, needs to have surgery Thursday - please pray for safe and victory surgery for him and God may guide the vet through the surgery.

January 14

My 9.5 yr old boxer Rosie has some type of intestinal inflammation which causes chronic diarrhea. Her albumin levels are dropping and it is getting serious. Please pray that God heals her. She is a very youthful and an amazing dog. I need God to do a miracle in her body and restore her. I've been praying for a year and it isn't time to let her go..way too young at heart...hardly even grey...vet says she seems like a 5 yr old. thanks

January 9

Tooty, our 6 year old Chihuahua, was injured earlier today and has suffered a sever concussion. She is currently in guarded condition at the emergency vet. She means the world to our family and with her 4lbs is a very big part of it. We’ve spent all of our extra money with the emergency vet, who has told us if she is not awake by morning we will need to transfer her to our regular vet. Unfortunately, this is not something we can afford. So I ask that everyone please say a prayer for her that she may be able to come home with us.

January 2

My 6 year old sweet cat, Max, was just diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy of which there is no treatment...I am praying for God to cast a miracle and heal my baby's heart. Please pray for him. Thank you so much.

January 2

WHITEFACE..He is my 11 Year Baby Boy..He is a Border Collie who has a sister and a brother that we have here on our property. He has just been our Light for so long. He would just smile at you and talk to you too..He is my "Happy Boy". We always take Him and his Sister to the river where he loves to jump up at the water when we splash it up. Very good swimmer and dunks his head down in the water for a sunken stick. He Loves the snow and likes to catch it when we shovel..He has been a high jumper and a delightful boy for sure..I can not put into words how much he means to us. He had many Bumps removed in many areas. After the last surgery he did not seem the same..He started to loose his balance and he would get a spacy look in his eyes. Finally the last 2 months in Oct-Nov 2013 he started having these shakes and would jerk. It was like a small sez. Then he had a BIG ONE and we found out he has Insulinoma these are tumors of the insulin producing cells in Pancreas. He is at home now being feed every Hour small meals that I made up with the right ingredients. He is so sad looking and NOT my "Happy Boy" anymore. I am so scared we are going to loose him. I rub the Syrup on gums when his head bounces but I am not sure if he is ever going to get the sugar level back up..I fear and cry all the time about loosing him. I just lost my Dad & Father-in-Law and my Mom has so many months left due to cancer. She lives on my Property with the other Dog..(whitefaces brother) This has all come down at the same time and I am loosing my Faith. I really need some power of prays. I am crying my loudest for God to give him & my Mom some more time on this Earth. I am at my wits end and can not take all of this..Please Help with a Prayer or two and I hope that God will heal.

January 1

Urgent prayer for our sweet MARLEY, rescued greyhound, almost 3 yrs. old. She has some kind of an autoimmune disorder where her platelet count is very low. We have already spent lots of money at the vet, she will need more tests and medication on a continual basis, which we cannot afford. Please pray for God's mercy for a complete healing. We don't want to have to put her down. Thank you, God Bless You!
John & Nancy

December 31

Please pray for my beloved best friend Misha, her liver is in very bad condition, which was discovered today at surgery. God's name be praised for all His miracles! Thanks for your prayers, be blessed.

December 24

Ollie (our cat) had a swollen jaw - vet thinks due to teeth - on antibotics, seen teeth specia l- some had to be remove - tests being done to make sure there not an underlying problem caused it. Please pray for her!

December 19

Sgt. Iggy
UPDATE: Thank you so much for putting Sgt. Iggy on your prayer list. On December 21 he will be seeing his cardiologist for repeat scans and EKG. I never knew we could be so attached to a pet. He really is doing better since his Vet put him on an increase in a diuretic, but he can't be on a high dose too long.
Christopher, Cathy and Sgt. Iggy

December 17

Please pray for my 6 year old rescue dog, Sgt. Iggy who has and enlarged heart that is pressing on his esophagus. He is on 5 medications at this time. Your prayers and your website is a blessing.
Christopher and Cathy

November 26

Hello, I have sent prayer request for my many kitties, and I am so greatful for your site! I have another request for our all white kitty named Snow! We found out today from our vet that she has cancer in her Iungs and her heart is enlarged. She is so beautiful and sooo sweet! Any prayers would be much appreciated! We are trying to make her as comfortable as we can, and we hope we get more time with her! Thank you again!

December 12

Some of you know this already but Sierra, my cat who is only 3 and one of the lights in my life, has been sick with something similar to me. I have been promised there is no way she passed it to me or vice versa (Please do not write me back with “Oh that’s wrong” and all that, we have had 2 doctors and 4 vets all feel the same. I have been sick about 6 weeks and she is at 5, yes it is a coincidence, I don’t know what is really right or wrong as can they really know, but I also can’t have someone else giving me their speculations or what they have heard at this point either. My nerves are shot, I am extremely sick, I had a medication issue in the night that is going to make the next several days very bad on me and I just can’t take it, so please, hold opinions like that to yourself right now on that issue.) I have been informed this week that if she does not respond this time around then the next step is some test where they have to put her under and get a swab of her lungs. It could be asthma believe it or not, allergies, or something else. They are sure it is not cancer. This test is extremely expensive and putting a cat under while she is having respiratory issues is making my nerves raw…and trust me they are already very raw due to other issues, my own illness, medication, and having this sweet little cat coughing. She has five more days on the antibiotics. I thought we were seeing improvement. But I guess not. I am praying she will somehow come out of this. I am more likely just having trouble responding to antibiotics. I can only take a few as I am allergic. Maybe it is the same for her. But please please pray that she comes out of this. I am scared to death with her. I have lost 2 cats and a dog since 2010. Losing her, or Jack-Jack would be more than I could bear. And as I said this test is extremely expensive and even though I know that any of these vets would not put her in danger, I am just not real excited about that idea. Perhaps it is my experience with my own lungs, perhaps it is what my mom went through, what my friend’s father went through…the lungs for me are just one of those things that don’t have a good history in my view. This will also put an end to a therapeutic situation I was dealing with to try to get myself better. But she is more important than that so please – all prayers are appreciated and more that needed. Thank you!!!

December 7

Smart and Vachlo - and a request for a larger cat enclosure
Two of my cats ‘Smart’ and ‘Vachlo’ are sick with infections since long and has swollen. Please pray for them that they be healed completely. We are starting new treatment.
- Also pray that my parents will allow me to build larger cat enclosure in open place at our ancestor’s house soon. I feel so depressed with present enclosure.
Thanking you,
Vandana (India)

December 4

Please continue to pray for my 12 year old pet cat, Kitty, who is suspected to be having renal failure. There is a growth in a bladder and also ascites fluid in her abdomen.
We have been taking her to the vet for IV treatment, but there is no improvement. She has undergone great stress due to the regular trips to the vet and the painful injections given to her. She has not eaten for almost a week and her condition is deteriorating. She only drinks water every little while.
We have decided to get her off the drip as taking her to the vet is too traumatic for her and the injections given are too painful.
I'm praying hard for a miracle and I request your prayers so that her suffering is lessened. and she is restored to good health.
It breaks our hearts to see her in this state. May God restore her to good health soon.
God Bless!

December 4

Please pray for my pet cat, Kitty. She has been having difficulty passing urine since the past one month. We had taken her to the doc, who injected her and also put her on drip. She seemed to be improving, but then since last night, she didn't seem to be too well. She vomited. She is very quiet today and not responding much to us. Her stool too is not very good. She has not been eating too well. Please pray for her quick recovery.
Thank you and God Bless!

November 25

Please pray for all the homeless dogs & cats suffering from illness & the loss of food, shelter and the touch of a loving hand. Pray with all your heart that more people will be aware of their existence & help them. They all deserve so much more. Thank you.

Noëline's Animal
For all Noëline's rescued animals - dogs, cats, swans, gulls - anything on four legs or two wings! Bless Noëline for her wonderful work with God's creatures.

Heavenly Father, I hold up the cats, dogs, birds, fishes, frogs, turtles, rabbits, hamsters, and other pets that give someone in the world something to love and takes away their loneliness. Lord, keep each animal healthy and at peace knowing he is loved not only by his human owner but also by You. Protect the beautiful birds in the sky with the sounds that fill the sky with joy. Bless the cute little rabbits that bounce around eating up somebody's garden. Touch the gardeners' hearts so they recall You created and love these rabbits, and the garden that You let us tend belongs to You, Father. We are only the care keepers. Lord, bless these darling creatures, each one, large and small. Keep them close to Your heart and the hearts of those that love them. Protect them from abuse because they are too weak to protect themselves, Father. Hold them in Your loving hands and cherish them. In Jesus Name I pray.. AMEN.

"If you have men who will exclude any
of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." 

St. Francis of Assisi









I would just like to give a bit of advice for those lovely people that have dogs with itches and allergies. My sweet dog Chappie, (a cross breed, with a bit of Jack Russell in him) has this very same problem.
Someone told me to get an oil called "Efazol" made by the company "Ciplavet" - I have no idea where this company is situated, but I will find out more about that and let you all know. You only need to put a teaspoon of this oil on your dog's food once a day. Chappie had such a severe case of an eczema, type of skin problem, which smelt very bad and eventually became very badly infected. The vets advised me to not bath him too often as this made the problem worse! I started using this oil on his food at night; we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so we started using this oil. It’s a very palatable oil, so the dogs don’t even taste it in their food. Within a month, Chappie's skin was wonderful, he has been a lot happier and doesn't scratch anymore. This stuff is amazing and I would recommend it to all animal lovers that have this problem to use it,
* Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any more information about this oil, I will do my best to help anyone I can.

Another recipe I tried, came from Poland. 1 x large tub of vaseline (just the plain unscented one and a packet of flowers of sulphur, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Mix this well together and when you have a situation where a dog licks and bites a certain spot and it becomes raw and inflamed, rub this mixture on that part, within an hour or more, it will be cleared, if the dog licks this, don't worry, he gets it into his system and it's very good for him.
Stay strong; there is always something and someone out there that can help out.

* (If you wish to contact Bev, send an email to us here at Pet Prayer and we will forward it to Bev)

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eternal life for animals

 There is   Eternal Life for Animals   - and Biblical Scripture confirms it! This is a "must" for all animal lovers. Anyone who has lost a pet and has experienced the grief and heartbreak that this brings can now experience the joy of knowing that they will be reunited with their beloved animals one day .... never to be parted again.
Also Animal Prayer Guide ... a guide to praying for animals, with sample prayers and blessing services for numerous situations, which can be personally customized.

Very special thanks to Janis at Pete Publishing
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Niki Behrikis Shanahan, the author of these amazing books

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