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Requests and updates - 2007

We have had a wonderful answer to our prayers - Happy has turned the corner for the better. He began eating and coming back around yesterday afternoon. And without going into all the details
of this latest scare, just let me say it was just short of a miracle! We have truly been blessed!
Our friend Greg (VET) gave him 50/50 chance on Monday after he fell ill Sunday night, so we are more than grateful for everyone's prayers and support. We know the good Lord has His plans all laid out for us and that this just wasn't the time for Happy to go home yet. Even if it had been, we know he would have been restored to health, be able to "see" and would have been running and playing like he was meant to.... Nevertheless, we are so grateful he's still here with us and eating like there's no tomorrow. He still can't see of course, but he knows our loving hands and voice and it comforts him ~ so we shower him with our love and give thanks to God above..
Donita & Ed Parritt

November 30

UPDATE: Fawn is home and doing well. Dr Dave said plenty of bed rest. I just can't believe she is ok. The power of prayer is very strong. I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers.
Michele & Family

 December 2

Please add my little teacup chihuahua. She had an accidental fall. She started to have seizures. She is now at the vet, we are not sure how she is doing yet. Please pray for her to get better.
Michele & Family

 November 29


Noel, 9 yr old Yellow Lab has diabetes since 2005 and battled severe pancreatitis which she fought through. She has cataracts and can’t see very well but she thinks she can and has not stopped her. This past week-end she lost control of her back legs and her blood work today is all over the place which the vets can’t understand. She is in a lot of pain and can’t sleep but she is eating and drinking. Noel was born with a heart of gold for everyone she meets. She is very brave and tough but please help her spirit shine and pray for her to have God surround her with His healing white light. God bless all of you and your families.

November 27

Our bunny Happy has taken a turn for the worse. Our vet just left our house and doesn't exactly know if Happy is leaving us or will come out of this. Happy is too weak to do anything
surgical on and therefore we only have prayer.
We ask for all to pray for him and us that if he does have to cross over the rainbow bridge, that we have the strength to help him through.
He has been and still is a very big part of our lives and continues to have a gentle soul that must have come from God. No one else could have made such a beautifully lovable creature.
We know he was sent to us to care for through his many illnesses the past 6 mos, the worse one being his blindness.
May God bless anyone who reads this and takes the time to pray for him and for us. We need immediate prayers for him and we thank all of you from the bottom of out hearts.
We will continue to pray for all the other animals and their families who need our
prayer too.
God Bless to all.....

Donita & Ed Parritt

November 26

Alice Marie

I humbly ask that everyone pray for my cat Alice Marie who is recovering from a dental procedure and who we just found out has slightly above normal kidney function levels. She went in this morning (Nov. 20, 2007) to have 2 teeth extracted. She went through the procedure perfectly and so far is in very little pain other than a sore mouth - but I ask that you please pray for a quick, safe and pain-free recovery. This cat means so much more to me and my family than just a cat - she truly is a part of our family and is our baby. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and know that you and your pets will be in prayers as well. God Bless!!

November 20

Natalie's Kitten
UPDATE: Just to update you, my kitten pulled through and is doing wonderfully! Even the vet said it was nothing less than a miracle!! I am elated..and so thankful... thanks so much!

November 28

I accidentally overdosed my kitten with ivermectin and he is in serious condition at the vets right now. I decided to put him on an IV for the next 24 hours to see if he improves at all. I ask that you please prayer for this beautiful, sweet kitten as he did not deserve to suffer from my stupidity and has such a beautiful life to continue living. Thanks so much !


November 18

Karen & Howie's Cat
Karen & Howie's cat named Misty fell and hurt her leg---the ligaments separated in her leg and she has been in a cast but will need to be in a cast about 2 more weeks and she is not having a good time with this--she needs to heal and has removed her cast once already! We wanted to ask if you could add her to the prayer list for prayers to help her heal quickly and correctly so that she will not have any problems or complications....thank you so much....
d. & e.

November 16

Please send prayer for our little African Grey parrot, Chiquita. She is the first bird we've had and she is a most charming and lovable addition to our family.
Out of love and companionship, I allowed her to sleep with me about a year ago. She loved it and stayed close to me all night. Two days later, she could not use her right leg and wing.
I took her to our vet and then the University of Florida veterinarian hospital for diagnosis. She apparently suffered a spinal injury when she was in my bed. I must have hurt her, but she showed no sign of that the next morning.
They cannot operate on her and she has started to chew the feathers off her right side out frustration that she cannot fly anymore and has difficulty walking.
I am now 66 years old an she is only 10, with fifty more years of life. My heart cries every time I see what I have done to her and want so very much for her to heal so that after I'm gone she will be able to join another family.
So please add your prayers to mine that maybe God can find a way to cure my little love.
Thank you so very much.


November 15

Dave's Cat
Please pray for Dave's cat, who is ill. Thanks.
Tom M.

November 13

Please pray for my lost kitten, Kit. He must have gone outside when I was leaving for work this AM. He was just neutered and declawed 4 days ago and needs his antibiotics. Thank you all,

November 4

Bootsie and Spot
i wanted to send you an update on Bootsie----she was found under a neighbor's porch last august and she had her kittens! she had 5 but lost one--they had all the kittens fixed and Bootsie too--they kept Bootsie & one kitten and found homes for the other 3--so we had a very happy ending.

but--we are very sad ...i asked for prayers back in 2004 for a stray we named Spot---we did get Spot inside and my sister took him to live with her 2 cats....yesterday he passed away---she found him on the couch when she came home--we had to do an autopsy--we had to know what happened--he took a heart attack..he had heart disease and we never knew..he had hypertropic cardiomyopathy..and the vet said it was sudden and he believes he did not suffer--we are thankful that he did not suffer but we are so very very sad to have lost him...we didn't have enough time with him...........please say a prayer for him.. thank you .

October 26

I am requesting prayers for my golden retriever, Ginger, she is just turned 9 and has been successfully battling lymphoma for 8 months. She has now developed a problem that has dropped her red blood platelets dangerously low and they are still dropping. If a treatment to reversed this is not found soon, I will lose her very shortly they said. Please pray that they can reverse this and buy her some more time here on earth. If you seen her, she looks and acts perfectly healthy, play and eating and begging like all dogs. Thank you

October 25

Please pray for "Rosie" This my Dear Caseworker's BEST Friend and Soulmate.
She is an 8 year old King George Cavalier Spaniel. She was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver, and her Life Expectancy is very grave. Her Master is trying all avenues, including Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine, and Acupuncture. Please put out Prayers for this beautiful creature of God!!!! She "Rosie" is so BEAUTIFUL!!!
I have been on your website many times. I have made Prayer Requests, that were Truly answered!! Let's do that for "Rosie." I know that the power of Prayer works!!!
God Bless You For Your Incredible, Beautiful, Stunning, Remarkable Website!!!!
It is Truly a Work of God, and You Should Be So Proud!!
God Bless You and God Bless "Rosie"
God Bless You For Your Endeavors,
I Know God Will Reward You, You Deserve It!!
God Bless. Always,


October 23

Pixie was euthanized on Saturday morning.


October 22

Hello, Just wanted to update Happy's site: We took him back to the vets yesterday as the only eye (left) he has any vision in, was bulging. The vet took eye pressure readings and both eyes now have glaucoma. We are very concerned as the vet didn't give us a good prognosis and
feels his left eye may be going just as his right eye already has. If he goes completely blind in both eyes and can't function, we will have to make a decision for him that we are praying doesn't come.
We are asking and pleading for everyone and anyone who reads the prayer sites, to please take a moment to say a little prayer for our much loved little guy. We have been truly blessed by his love for 5 years and this is heartbreaking for us. He deserves so much better in his life, but we are accepting what the Good Lord has given us and will continue to do all we can for him to make his life easier.
May all who read about our bunny be blessed; and if they are in need of prayer, just
know that we are saying as many as we can for all Gods creatures here on this site and around the world as well.
Love & Blessings to all,
Donita & Ed

October 14

I am in desperate need of prayers for my dog, Bungee. A year and a half ago she ruptured a disc in her neck, for the past year we have been treating her with acupuncture and chiropractics. About three weeks ago something happened to her lower back and she has barely been able to walk since then and steadily seems to be going downhill. I took her to the vet yesterday and her blood work showed she is having some kidney issues. Her BUN and creatanine levels are elevated. We started her on kidney food and some special medication. Please help Bungee with your prayers. She is so special to me and my family. I will do anything for her. Thank you

October 7

Blackie and Repo-Man
Please pray in the name of Jesus Christ for healing for both of my Doberman Pinchers Blackie & Repo-Man. Please pray that they are both heals for their fatty tumors. Rep has a large one on his side and Blackie has them all over her body. Please pray that both Dogs are healed and please pray for Blackie that she does not have cancer and that her pain in her neck
is completely healed. Thank You Jesus.

October 7

Need prayer for our dog Trouble. She had surgery this January for a blown acl and pcl and was recovering in our garage pretty well. About ready to go outside. Now this morning is holding up her left leg again. Please pray for healing and help for us to get her the required medical attention she needs…if she is not healed by a touch from God…either way pray that she will be completely healed one or another.
Joseph and Mollie Kolozsy

October 5

Please include in your prayers today, my sister's dog Tiger. His vet feels he may have cancer and is sending him to a specialist on friday oct 5. Thank you kindly

October 5

UPDATE: Please pray for my cat Blackie, he is recovering from surgery, and needs more urgent prayers for total healing, liver, bowels, colon, and to eat on his own and move his bowels. He has a feeding tube in his throat, needs to be fed thru this tube at the moment. many thanks
God bless.

October 5

Diane Hi, Blackie is blocked up again... I have been doing all I can to help him, I don't want him to have to back to the vet again for more enemas. Please pray for him again.. many thanks and God bless you all.

October 1

Izzy, Maggie and Sophie
Would you please pray for:
Sophie (Australian Shepherd)
Maggie (Aust. Blue Heeler)
Izzy (DLH kitty)For all of them (in the same family) for a touch for their little pet hearts that are broken because their human "Dad" is absent. Long story on that, but the Lord knows.And thank you so much for your care and prayers for His creatures great and small. Love,

October 1

UPDATE: Hello - Thank you for your continued prayers for my Wheaten Terrier, Dreyfuss. He had his first chemo treatment today is doing OK. It is such a scary thing for us to go through and we appreciate the prayer of comfort that you send for us "humans" too! Please continue to pray for Dreyfuss as he wins his battle with bladder cancer!

October 22


UPDATE: Thank you for the prayers for my Wheaten, Dreyfuss. He has had bladder cancer surgery in which most all of the cancer was removed. His Veterinarian feels that the medication he prescribed will help Dreyfuss' tumor to shrink and his prognosis is really good for a 10 year old fellow! Thank you Again & Allelujia!

October 5

Please pray for my Wheaten Terrier, Dreyfuss. He has bladder cancer and is going for treatment very soon. Please pray that the surgeon uses great care and diligence in his handling of my sweet little dog. Also pray that the doctor and I use the utmost of care and wisdom in making decisions that are good for Dreyfuss. I love this dog very much - he is like the child my husband and I never had and he has filled a huge void in my life. AMEN. Thank you.

September 27

Please pray for my precious kitty, Pixie. She is a beautiful 8-year-old Tabby and is like a baby to me since I do not have children. The specialists think she has lymphoma and we are awaiting confirmation. I cannot afford chemo treatments (almost $10,000 for one year) and we could not manage the weekly trips out of town for these. I ask that God give us a miracle and cure Pixie and make her healthy. If this is not possible, I ask that Pixie not suffer and that I have the strength to make whatever decisions are in her best interest. Thank you and God Bless!


September 20

Just wanted to give an update on our boy -
As of today Sept 19th, much has improved. Happy's rapid breathing has
subsided with the reduction of his eye meds being administered only once
a day now. It is still there, but very little.
We had a few other issues since his last update, but we have been blessed that
they have not been life threatening and he has been able to overcome them.
He still does not have any sight in the right eye, but the inflammation is down and
we are controlling the onset of glaucoma with drops. It will be a forever med that
he will need to have, but it will be given with love and much thanks for his current
good health.
He is eating, drinking, cleaning himself, being more mobile than before and seems to
be enjoying life as he once knew it.
We thank God and everyone who took a moment to say a prayer for him.
We will continue to visit the prayer page and pray for him along with all the other pets
and their owners who need our support.
May God Bless John & Marianne who make this site possible and all the people who
participate in prayer!
Donita & Ed

September 20

UPDATE: Praise the Lord for His mercies and grace. My sweet cat Blackie is home .
Thank you for your prayers.. love,

September 14

Diane Please pray for my cat Blackie who is severly constipated; he had an enema yesterday but has not moved his bowels; he is getting another one today.. I don't want to subject him to surgery.
Thank you and God bless,

September 14

Poupette (Venus)
Our neighbor's cat has been missing for 5 days, please pray for her to come back safely; her name is Venus, but everybody calls her Poupette; she is black and white and 2 years old. We love her as our own and we are praying also.

September 7

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ, Please join me and my family in praying for our pet dog who has gone astray on 2/9/07 (Sunday). He is Filly, a black miniature pinscher. He crept out of our gate on Sunday afternoon and did not come home. Please pray for his safety and for God to lead him back home. Pray that whoever who has taken him will return him to our residential area so that he will find his way home. And If he out there and can't find his way home, please pray for God's protection from evil men (those who succumb to animal cruelty.) This evening, my family and I are going on a search for him in a few residential areas hereby. Pray that God will lead him to us. Thank you. May God bless you & your ministry.

September 7

UPDATE: I just returned with Kia from Johannesburg, I had my pool heated so that I can give her exercise in my pool, to cut costs. Kia is so happy to be back at home, she is running around like nothing is wrong, no pain nothing, while I was driving back she was moving around from the back seat to the front seat, when we drove up the first time she couldn't do that.
September 15

UPDATE: Just to let you know, Kia is doing well with the hydrotherapy, here is pictures my daughter took when we visited her last weekend.
She was so happy to see me I am still looking for my earrings. She even stood on her hind legs to greet me. She will be 8 months on 15 September.

September 12

The Lord showed me the way to a vet nurse in Johannesburg that does Hydrotherapy and pre operation treatment on animals, I took Kia there for treatment, she has loss 7cm of muscle because she is not using her left leg due to pain of the left hip. She insisted I leave Kia with her as I had to come back home as I live 400km's away.
The vet nurse took Kia to a orthopedic (Dr Naude, he is the only person in this country that can perform this operation) this morning, he took an X-Ray, and the hips looks in a bad state, the left one is beyond repair, however he can do a total hip replacement within 5 months, this is GOOD NEWS, as I was told prior only in a years time.
The vet nurse Alison - and thank you for your prayers, is going out of her way to support and help Kia. Things are starting to fall in to place and there is light in the tunnel.
The vet nurse will work out a pre-operation treatment programme to work Kia's 7cm of muscle back for the OP.
I will drive up weekends to visit Kia as she is still a pup, I miss her so much.
Please pray for my finances and PLEASE PRAY for that MIRACLE of total RECOVERY It looks so doomed, however I feel so POSITIVE, people have been saying to me shoot her and get another dog or if it is worth it. It hurts to hear that.
Thank you. Kind Regards

September 5

Please pray for IZZY, domestic long haired kitty, 5-6 yrs old, for her overall health and being resistant to UTI infections (they have been somewhat chronic with her). Thank you!!

September 5

Please ask God to cure my Panther. He is my black just turned 3 years old oriental shorthair cross. He has something pushing his heart up into his chest and vet thinks it is either a cancerous mass or a lung disease called cylothorax. Neither are cureable.
He is just so dear - my bed buddy - forehead kissing - finger biter. PLEASE Pray to God to cure him and not let him die! He is the dearest kitty boy and his brother and I love and need him desperately!

August 28

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your prayers.
Moe passed away shortly after I sent you my email.

August 28

Moe is an 11 1/2 year old collie/lab/cross. He is so precious and dear to me. I love him so much. Today he was operated on for cancer. He had 2 fair size tumors on his spleen. My vet took the tumor and spleen out along with some fragments from this tumor. Moe did excellent in surgery and right after surgery. About 3 hours later he took a turn for the worse. They stabilized him with a unit of blood and oxygen. I went to see him about an hour after they got him stabilized and he was doing better. My vet now says that he can go either way tonight. I spent a couple of hours with him and when I left my vet was going to make an oxygen tent for him. Prayers got him through the surgery, now he needs prayers to recover. Thank you.

August 24

Izzy, Maggie and Sophie
Please pray for
Sophie (Australian Shepherd)
Maggie (Australian Blue Heeler)
Izzy (DLH kitty)
They will be without their humans for about a week starting 8/22. They tend to have some challenge with this, even tho I ( their "aunt") will be taking good care of them. For all of us to have fun together and for them to stay well physically. In the past some have gotten sick due to emotional stress. Thank you!!!

August 22

Please pray for my little boy, Chipper. Chipper is 8-10 years old. He was rescued from the pound about 5 years ago by my Grandmother. When she passed away 3 years ago, my husband and I adopted him. Chipper was diagnosed on Saturday with a luxated lens. He is on eye drops to keep the pupil dilated. His ophthalmologist is hoping that the lens will fall back into place behind the pupil. If this does not work, Chipper will require surgery to remove the lens. Please pray for him. He is experiencing some discomfort, but he cannot see. I'm worried that he will not make it through the surgery due to his age. He has a heart murmur. I know and believe that the Lord can heal him.

August 18

Please pray for Happy, the sweetest parakeet I have ever known. Happy is on three antibiotics due to fungal and bacterial infections and he has lost a lot of weight. I know that he is strong and trusts that we are going to help him, but I'm not sure that he will make it this time. Please pray for him to get stronger and for his infections to get cured so I can hear his sweet little voice again. He makes everyone in his life happy and we really need him around. Thank you,
Lisa and Jack

 August 16


Please pray for my cat, Mylon. He is 12 yrs old and has lost 20% of his body weight - other than that he seems to be healthy. I am trying to coax him to eat more. I can't afford vet bills and I am trusting that God will heal my sweet boy.
Lisa and Chris

August 14


Please pray for KIA. She has been diagnosed with HD (HIP DYSPLASIA).
She is only 6 months old. Our vet said she will have to have a complete hip replacement at the age of one and a half and that will cost me
R 20 000,00 - in your currency:
2,773,92 USD
2,933,41 CAD
I had a good look at her X-Rays myself, it looks TERRIBLE, she must suffer EXCRUCIATING pain all of the time. She is on medication for pain at the moment, however they can not operate until she is one and a half, and that's in a year's time. About two months ago I noted that she found it difficult to get up if she had been laying down, and then the "bunny hops" started. Thank you once again. God Bless

August 11

I am requesting prayer for our dear dog Lizzie. She is a beagle/dauchsand mix, about 10 years old. We have her since she was about 2. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The vet has put her on heart medication and a pill to help her get rid of excess fluid. She has good and bad days, but continues to do well in terms of eating, activity, etc. Her breathing gets really labored sometimes, which makes it so hard on her, and all of us as well. We need our friend to stay with us and I know God is able to strengthen her heart and make her well. Please, please...all of you who believe in prayer, pray for our Lizzie! Thank you!
Dan Rhoten
Cahokia, IL

August 9

Boo, Waffles (and Mattie)
We had 3 cats. Our youngest Mattie Jasmine, a small calico died two days ago, supposedly from FIP. We have two wonderful cats left, Boo, a sweet black and white tuxedo cat (she is approx 2yrs old and a sweetie) and Waffles, a grey striped male cat who is around 3yrs.old. The vet believes they too carry the FIP virus and could possibly get the disease and die. Please pray Mattie went to heaven and that there will be a miracle for our two cats Boo and Waffles. Thank you so much.
Judy and the girls (Lila and Angelica)

August 9

It has been a while since I have emailed for a prayer--but in the past you have helped me with prayers for Peanut, Matilda, Piglet, Spot, and Mojo----I don't know if you remember us but...?? I hope all is well with you--thank you. I was hoping I could ask for prayers for a small stray black and white cat that appeared in our yard about 2 weeks ago--I think a kitten and she is pregnant--the last we saw her was Tuesday night--gave her food and was hoping to get her to a shelter but she has disappeared...it is very hot here and I am worried she may be out there having her kittens (we have lots of woods and I can't hear or see her anywhere)--I call her Boots4/Bootsie because she has 4 white paws and a little white on her face too...please send her prayers to have her return so we can help her??? Thank you...

August 3

I am single... My children are grown and far away... My 5 year old miniature schnauzer is my "baby" and constant companion... Coco and I moved to an apartment that had a sewer backup through the floor... into the carpet. Coco has been progressively getting sicker and I suspect that the reason is the toxic floor and grounds... I am trying to afford the meds but the fact is that we have to move out of here!... Not possible until at least 30 days from now in the best of cases. Please pray that Coco gets better and the itching, vomiting and runs stop... I would be totally devastated if I lost him and I would feel responsible as well... I know the Lord cares about Coco too, because He loves me unconditionally and He is also very loving with everyone else. Thank you and God bless you for this tender and wonderful ministry!

August 1

Please pray for my Tommy. He is a 3 year tom cat who I have raised since he was an abandoned kitten. He is breathing hard and will not eat. Please pray for his recovery.

August 1

UPDATE: Prayers for Frankie sure have come through. The second vet I took him to found an infection in his abdomen as a result of the first surgery and he also found the other testicle. I did not want him to be opened up again but I trusted the vet.I did not think he could handle it. Two days later while at the vet hospital he was crying to go home.. and the iv was taken off. He was eating slowly and drinking little but he came home. It has been almost two weeks since his first surgery. He lost a little weight, but he is walking and eating all the time, a complete 360 degree turn compared to last Sunday. Thanks for all of your prayers and to St. Francis.

August 4

I have had Frankie a year now. I just recently took him for a routine surgery and it has turned into a much more complicated surgery. The Vet had to make an incision in his abdomen, his appetite is slowly coming around. He drinks very little water & I have given him cat food with fish flavor for protein. .Even though one is suppose to have their cat confined indoors for 7-10 days, I did take him out for a couple of hours for exercise and fresh air this morning.
He is a little weak, So I am asking for your prayers that he gets his strength & appetite back. He loves the outdoors, chasing butterflies, grasshoppers, and lizards. He loves climbing trees and running from me, because he knows it is time to come in when I go outside.

He always has to sleep between me and my husband and suck on the blanket [weird but true]. He lost a couple of buddies across the street this week, Puss and then Boots, so pray they are in heaven. I am unsure of the cause, maybe they got bit a snake or rabies? We live in a rural area. The picture enclosed is taken when I got married this year in February - this is Frankie by a bouquet of the corsage flowers.
Frankie is just like a kid, he had ribbon in his mouth and I kept pulling and pulling that ribbon out of his mouth, so keep strings and thin ribbon from small animals, and smoking, household cleaning products, cleaning fluids without adequate ventilation for example may be also hazardous to their health, make sure they are hydrated, have food, and toys, and air condition or heat on for their comfort Make sure nothing is left plugged in and the power is on while you are out of the house, toaster oven, curling iron, or coffee maker.
They are just like kids and need constant Tender Loving care. I pray for the lost animals this week & our recent loved ones, we don't know what tomorrow may bring, but only thank God for today, our family, our pets, & our health.

July 27

A Little Homeless Cat
A number of weeks ago I requested prayer for a pretty little homeless gray and white tuxedo cat that hangs around my office building and parking lot. I hadn't seen it in several weeks and thought it had been adopted, but I saw it again this morning. My office is in one of the buildings in the state capitol complex of Arkansas--and next to some very busy streets and parking lots. Please keep this little cat in your prayers and pray that God's angels will protect it and that it will be adopted very soon.
Thank you,


July 26

Charlie and Lassie
Please pray for Charlie, labrador cross (16 month old)... he keeps losing weight and the vet is doing tests to find out why. Although his bloods seem to be fine, the vet wants to do a biopsy of his bowels ... please pray that all will be well and that there will be nothing seriously wrong.
Pray also for Lassie ... still a bundle of nerves, after suffering abuse for years. She is improving but could do with prayers. Both dogs are rescue dogs and now belong to our daughter Michelle and son in law to be, Mike. Lassie and Charlie are great pals and love each other to bits! God bless you for your prayers. Thank you.
John and Marianne, Prayerlinks

July 22

I just want to inform you that Fini is now with the Lord. Today he was lifeless and could hardly breath. When my husband picked him up his head didn't move, we knew it was time and that he was suffering, we brought him to the vet and we put him to sleep, now he is in the loving hands of our Lord and Savior. Yesterday Fini and I were praying together and put your website on so he could listen to the music while we were praying, I said my goodbye last nite, and I also prayed for Lassie and Charlie. I thank you for your support and helping us get through this. In loving memory of my dog Fini. (02/23/05 when he came into my life - Wednesday 07/25/ 07 when the Lord took him). Thank you again

July 26

Hi Everyone
I would like to bring to God my dog Fini, He is diagnosed with cancer and they don't know if surgery would help him, they give me an option of putting him down, because the tumor might be attached to his liver, but I don't have the heart to do it. I am afraid that I should, Fini is the one thing in my life that i hold dear, and it is hard for me to comprehend to put him down. Could you please help me pray for him..
God Bless and I thank you for this website

July 21

Izzy, Maggie and Sophie
Please pray for kitty Izzy, 7 years, (Domestic Long Hair), who has been throwing up ......
And also for Maggie, under 1 year, (Australian Blue Heeler) who was also throwing up. They are in the same household.
For continued improvement for Sophie, 8 years, (Australian Shepherd) for her immune system to stay strong and ward off any recurrence of Valley Fever.
Thank you!!!

July 20

Please bless Happy and his family. He is very loved. Our prayers are with him too.

July 20

Nicole and Rob had to let Rigby go, their beautiful tortoiseshell cat, on July 12, only 5 days after their wedding. She saw them through some very important phases of their lives, and their theory is that once she knew they were settled that she had to go on to the next phase of her life. Even though we know Rigby is probably now flying on the lightning that she so loved to watch, her family and friends are still dealing with her no longer being here. Please send Rigby best wishes on her new journey, and pray for Nicole and Rob to find comfort in having had such an amazing cat part of their lives.
Kristine & Erin, Rasa & Bentley, and Chloe, Oscar, & Sam I Am

July 19

4 Kittens
Please pray for the safe return of the 4 stray kittens I was feeding. I was going to try to find good homes for them, but I haven't seen them for a week. Please pray for their safety and safe return and for good people to take them in to loving, forever homes.
Thank you.

July 17

Valentine                                   Panda                                        Zorro

Valentine, Panda and Zorro
My husband I just adopted out a mother cat, Valentine, and two of her kittens, Panda and Zorro, last Saturday (7/7/07). The woman, Renee, lives in W. KY some 6 hours from us. She knew we were very attached to them and the mother cat, Valentine, fought not to go with her and her children, so we were concerned about her welfare at the new home. We told her that if Valentine did not adjust we would come and bring her home. She also agreed to let us come and visit
everyone to see how they were doing. Now, one week later, she will not speak with us on the phone, and is telling us that she changed her mind about us visiting. She has e-mailed only and that quite rude. We are very sad about her deceptiveness and given that very concerned about Valentine, Panda and Zorro. We really would like to get them back if at all possible as we feel this is not a good situation since she cannot be on good terms with us and has violated
her verbal agreement. Valentine is not spayed and she was in heat and Renee is letting her run around outside; we suppose she still cannot catch her though she will not admit this. I have been fasting now for about 44 hrs for their safe return and for Renee to come to her senses about how cruel she is being though we dealt with her in good faith.
Please pray that we can bring them home.

July 17

I thank God that Happy belongs to Donita and Ed, because I know that he is getting the most attention and love possible. I pray that God pushes Happy beyond his latest affliction, so that he doesn't get weaker, and compromise his ability to get over the problems with his eyes. Happy knows his earth home, and can manage with partial sight as long as he has those he loves around him. I pray for Happy to stay on earth with Donita and Ed.

July 14

Norman the cat has hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) from refusing to eat his Rx food and starving himself. He is being force fed at the vet and having subcutaneous fluids (under the skin).
He needs to start eating on his own again before this condition can reverse itself.
Please pray for our beloved Norman.

July 13

UPDATE: We just returned from the vets office with Happy. He was just there one week ago for congestion. Today the vet listened to his chest to hear if his lungs were congested so it doesn't set into pneumonia and luckily the congestion is mostly in his head as in a head cold. Lungs sounded pretty good so far. He is still panting and stressed from the eye that has the infection, cataract and luxated lens. We will continue to treat him with the Baytril until Monday - if there is no improvement still, we will be trying sulpha drug treatment for Pasteurella which is the virus that began all his problems. All rabbits carry it and it usually lays dormant until other issues arise, like his ucler on the cornea of his eye. We are starting to see his nose getting wet which wasn't happening before the panting. The doctor explained that his panting is a way of cooling off and it will not affect him as far as having a heart attack or stroke like it would in people. But, we still need to get the panting under control which means the eye still has to show improvement. The eye will be rechecked
on Tues the 24th by the ophthalmologist. We are praying the imflamation has gone down and the infection has subsided somewhat - any improvement will be welcomed.
We are still asking for prayers for him from anyone who has just a moment in their day to remember him. And we are thanking all those who have offered support, prayers and genuine care for him and for us. May God Bless all of you and may you continue to pray for Happy, just as we do for all the other pets who need them as well.
Donita & Ed
 July 20

UPDATE: We had to take Happy back into the Vets this morning. He has developed chest congestion and has to be on antibiotics now along with all the meds for his eyes.
This recent issue has given us real cause for concern and we ask that more prayers are said for his congestion to clear up and not progress any further which will put him in even a more serious condition health wise.
We ask for prayers for the doctors treating him that they are guided by God's hands.
We love him dearly and are praying for improvement and that we are doing the right things for him.
We thank all of those who remember him and include our little guy in their prayers today. May God Bless,
Donita Parritt
    July 13

Please pray for our pet bunny "Happy" who has a severe cataract with a luxated lens in his right eye and a cataract beginning in the left eye. If we cannot get the infamation under control it could go into glaucoma and with the luxated lens, the eye would have to be removed. He is not a candidate for cataract surgery as his eye is too inflamed. Bunnies do not do well with surgery and if this eye does not improve and it has to be removed surgically, we run the veryhigh risk of losing him from surgery.
We ask for prayers that the imflamation is reduced and we can get it under control and that the other eye's cataract doesnot develop any further. As eveyone else who loves their pets, we ask this because we need a little miracle for this guy. He's the sweetest, most cuddly, lovable bunny we've ever had the honor to love us. Please pray for him -
God Bless,
July 12

Izzy, Sophie and Maggie
Please pray for my friend's kitty Izzy (DLH) who has had chronic UTI's and kidney problems, for breakthough out of these cycles and good health all the way around!
Also for their dogs, Sophie (Australian Shepherd) who has been sneezing a lot an is in remission from Valley Fever.
Plus Maggie (Australian Blue Heeler) who has been limping.
Thank you so much!

July 11

UPDATE: Thank you for posting the prayer request for Shaggy.
I just received information from the vet. He said Shaggy's BUN levels were down significantly but the catheter would need to remain in for 2 weeks. Shaggy will be on medication to shrink his prostate over the next couple weeks. Our hope is this will prevent the urethra from closes and causing his bladder not to drain, therefore shutting down his kidneys.
Shaggy is still not out of the woods yet, but he is able to come home. Shaggy, I and our family appreciate all your prayers. Please continue to pray for Shaggy. He has a long road ahead of him. Again, thank you for your prayers, and God Bless.


July 11

Please pray for Shaggy our ferret. I found him lying lifeless in his cage Monday morning. I rushed him to the vet. He was placed in a critical care. His bladder was not draining causing his kidneys to fail. They were able to catheterize him and drain the his bladder. His blood work had presented better results since he was brought in, but his BUN level was still high. He was improving this morning but by mid day he had pulled out his catheter and his condition worsen. This afternoon they catheterized him once again. The vet has told me his prostate must reduce in size and there is no way of telling what his outcome will be. We have two more days before we will know if he will ever come home. My fear is making the decision to putting him down. Please pray that Shaggy will recover and have the opportunity to come home to us. We love him dearly and I have always said, "He is an angel sent from heaven". Thank you.

July 10


Please pray for my beautiful and smart cat, Nooks. Nooks, a strictly indoor cat escaped through an open screen and has been missing since July 5, 2007 and has not been seen since. This loving and wonderful cat has been a large part of my life for 3 years now. I have been beside myself since her disappearance and I pray for her return. The past few nights it has rained heavily and I pray that she is safe and in a warm, dry place.
Please pray for Nooks.

July 9

We need major prayer Power to help our little Butchie (Boston Terrier) He fell out of our son's bed Thursday and injured his back. By the afternoon he could not walk and we rushed him to the emergency vet. He is not giving us much hope. MRI and possible surgery were suggested with no guarantees, but we just can not afford the $10,000. Bill they said it would cost. As much as we love him and can not fathom being with out him, we just can not afford a "possible" treatment.
He has been such a strong little dog, someone returned him as a baby to the owners because he got parvo.. He over came that. He had lyme disease and was paralyzed on one side for 2 days .. And over came that. PLEASE help us pray that he gets God's healing powers and can pull thru once more. The vet has said to try anti inflammatory and pain pills for a few days and see what happens but he gives no hope. So over this weekend we are taking him 3 times a day for catheterizing because he can't potty. He is not suffering other than not living the fun life I am sure he remembers. He can not walk or stand. We will take the weekend to pray hard for a miracle. Please pray for Butchie to heal.. Please. Please pray for our family to endure the pain we will have of no miracle comes

July 7

For complete miracle healing for Destin the dog who fell out of moving car window.

July 7

Please pray for my little dog Bonnie who is so ill now she is to be put to sleep on Monday. She has Cushing's disease and has large tumor on her leg which prevents her from walking proper; she also has cataracts and is going deaf. She is my life and I don't want to lose her, she is only 10 and should be enjoying her twilight years being cared for by myself. She cries a lot these days and I also cry. I would have loved to have her put to sleep in our home where she wouldn't be frightened but I can’t afford to as I don't have enough money to live. I would gladly cut of my arm if she could spend her last hours with me at home but it doesn't seem like this will happen now. Please pray that she will feel no pain in her final moments and pray for me that I am doing the right thing. Please can you put up her pic as she is beautiful. Thank you so much in advance. Love,

July 4


Hi I am a father of three who is asking God for a small request.
Please will You save my daughter's horse who is called Lady...she is very ill; my daughter does not deserve this heartache at 14.
I would also like to ask God if He can forgive the heartache I have given to my wife. I want so much for my family to be back together again. I have realised my mistakes and won't be making them again. Please God, help us.
Love, a devoted father and husband to Katrina my wife, Lorren my daughter, Megan my daughter and Michael my son. I would also like to just have a little time to think about my other son and daughter who were taken away from us suddenly but are now in the care of God.
Please say a prayer.
Lady the horse needs our help at the moment.. please, please.

June 29


We lost our precious Bear today. But, feel blessed we had him for 3 extra months... I was able to have a healthy baby boy on April 5 and Bear and his new brother were able to spend a few special months together...
Thank you so much for your prayers....
I already miss him terribly - he will always be in my heart. Thanks again...

June 29

Please could you pray for my rabbit Lily. She has bleeding from her rear end and I have to take her to the vet tomorrow to try and find out what's causing it. She is now nearly 3. I also have her mother Daisy and they are a bonded pair. Thank you and God bless
Anthea Miller

June 27

UPDATE: his cancer has spread and I sent him back to God.
Rest in peace my friend.

July 17

I'd like to request prayers for my dog. His name is Nanuq and he recently was diagnosed with bone cancer. I've had him for 7 years and I don't really fancy the thought of having to put him down this way. so I started to pray myself for a miracle, and searched for prayers on the net, found this site too and thought to ask for more prayers.

June 25

UPDATE: Good news ...the vet phoned this morning and everything is OK with Oscar's kidneys. Seems like he's in good health after all. His dental appointment will be re-booked as soon as possible. We're so relieved ... thank you so much for your prayers!

June 25

UPDATE: After a blood test, the vet found that Oscar is unable to have an anaesthetic at the moment, due to some problem with his kidneys. Further tests are being done and we will know more next week. Please, please pray that this will not be serious .... it's just so awful that he was abused and malnourished for so long and this is probably why his kidneys are not too good. But, please God, that they will be able to help him and that all will be well

June 22


Please pray for our beautiful Rottweiler Oscar, who has to have dental work done on him on June 22nd .... because he is a rescue dog, who has suffered so much abuse and malnutrition, his teeth are in a very bad way. Please pray that he will be okay with the anaesthetic. He is now so well in other ways ... months of tender, loving care have worked wonders on him. ( You can read about him on this page: http://www.prayerlinks.net/PetPrayer06.html)
Thanks and God bless you.
Sue and Adrian, Poole, Dorset

June 21

Fluffy, Maxx and Merlin
Please pray for my 3 cats. Fluffy s 8 years old and has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has lost a lot of weight. He eats but just isn't gaining any weight, even with the medication the vet gave him. Also, please pray for Maxx who is 13 and has diabetes. It has become difficult to keep his blood sugar in check. And please pray for Merlin. He suffers from recurring eye and ear infections. These guys are great companions and have given me such joy. Thanks!

June 10

UPDATE: My lost cat Martin has returned home after 9 days!! Thanks and love to everyone for their support and prayers!! I am truly blessed!

June 13

Please pray for my Martin. Martin is a three year old tiger print cat with green eyes and furry feet. He is a beautiful indoor only cat who fell out a window by pushing on the screen and we have not been able to find him. We have posted pictures and passed out flyers. He has a twin sister Mia who misses him greatly as well. We do not have human children - are pets are our kids. Please pray for the safe return home of Martin to his family who is waiting for him. Thank you very much

June 8

Lexi and Miew Miew
Pray for Lexi a DSH bobtailed Manx black/white throat. Missing/lost presumed hit by car and injured hovering perhaps between life and death. June 5. Pray for her to have the strength to make it home, the strength to survive and be found by a good samaritan and/or helped home to me.
I just lost my other kitty Miew Miew May 17 to a possible cat napper. She has not been seen since ...I pray for her well being too. I am devastated. A real mess.
Pray for me

June 7


I would like to have you say a very special Prayer for Baxter and his mommy Jen. Baxter is very very ill with cancer and is suffering from a lot of pain.
Jen has helped Baxter fight this horrible illness for a long time now, spending everything she has for his treatments.
Jen is feeling like there are no more options and that may be true, but as long as Baxter is breathing I feel there is hope. There is always hope in Prayer. Thank You so much,

June 6

Thank you all for your prayers...
After watching Mau decline then get better and then decline yet again was very hard on him and us. After 2 weeks of thoughtful prayer and consideration for Mau's well-being, we decided to take him to his doctor for euthanasia. He was very weak but so brave to the very end. He gave us many, kisses on our hands with his nose right up until it was time to say goodbye. He passed so quickly and painlessly...what a huge blessing from God.
Paula and Ray

June 1

01/04/92 - 05/30/07


Please pray for Chinook, an old boy who was pulled from a local pound. He has tumors, bad teeth, but a wonderful personality and a zest for life. Thankfully, the vet found that he is heartworm and lyme negative. We are praying for a family to adopt him for the rest of this days. May we learn from this beautiful animal and have the strength to see past the physical. Also, please pray for the folks who work with the special ones. Thank you.

May 31

My lost dog. Please help me pray for Scooter, my 1 yr old male Papillon. He disappeared from my home sometime between the hours of 11:30 pm Sunday, May 27th and 4:30 am Monday, May 28th. He is so very small and vulnerable. I am so afraid for his safety. My tears fall continuously, I miss him and am so worried. Please pray to bring him home quickly and safely. Please help me bring him home, my family is so very distraught. Thank you.

May 30

Hi all,
First I just want to say that I know from experience that prayer can work wonders. My e-mail friend, Leslie's, 5-year-old American Eskimo has fallen seriously ill with what they call Evans syndrome. He was doing great when he collapsed suddenly one night and his gums were white. It is a debilitating blood disorder where their body does not produce enough platelets, etc. I won't go into the medical part of it, but he has had another relapse from it. Leslie rushed him to the ER and he has been so ill until they can try to get his blood values back to the normal range. This can be a life-threatening illness. Every time they go into a relapse it takes longer and is more difficult to recover. The latest I heard from Leslie the other day was Casper was very tired and pale all day. This is a normally very energetic, mischievous, happy doggy. He is so weak with being anemic that he cannot even walk, but just lay around and "look" at his toys, etc. It is so heart-breaking. He pulled through the first time he went into this and hoping he will again. He has so much life ahead of him. You can see from this website Leslie has done how adorable and full of life this beautiful little boy is! He needs lots of prayers. Thank you SO much all!
Casper D Dog - Hi! My name is Casper. I am a mini American Eskimo Dog (Eskie).

May 27

My beloved Felix has been missing since 13th May 2007. I am beside myself with grief and every day I pray and pray he comes home to me. I live alone and he is my light, my life.
I miss him so much. I cry myself to sleep at night wondering where he is, and hoping he is safe. Please pray for me, and my Felix. Please pray that he is safe and returns home to me soon. I cannot bear to be without him.
Gemma Tyson
Melbourne, Australia

May 21


My Borzoi
My white borzoi has seen me through the worst experiences and losses of life (most recently my beloved mother). Now she's elderly and very weak. For the past two years the vet has told me to be prepared to give her a merciful death. Instead I've prayed and given her vitamin concoctions and ensure, She's been doing great except for the past few days, when weakness and odd nesting behavior has started. I'm praying for more time with my friend. Thank you for having this web site and understanding...

May 20

Mieu Mieu
Please pray for Miew Miew DSH F Orange Tabby Siamese mix kitty. She became lost between the hours of 4:30 pm and midnight on the day of 5/17. We have not seen her since 4:30 pm. She is much beloved and missed. No collar and no tag were on her! Pray for her safety, healthy and safe return to her loving very very very very worried owners.

May 18

Please pray for my cat Toons who is 16 years old. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He is on meds, but without God's intervention that is only a stop gap measure. Please pray for his full healing if that is God's will. If it is nearing the time for him to go home to God, please pray that his passing from this world to God's arms is gentle, pain free, and without fear.
Thank you so much!
Linda M

May 13

Please once again pray for Mau...He has declined rapidly in the past 2 days but does not seem to be in pain...he still attempts to eat and drink but is VERY weak...he is just laying down and can't really walk..please pray that God takes him home soon without pain and he goes easily and peacefully...forever grateful.
Paula and Ray

May 13

Hello to all - here is an update on my letter from May 4th regarding our sweet Scratchy Doo Doo Doo. He is the kitten who was hit by a car and after 4 days and nights alone , we found him. He had his surgery on Monday of this week and is recovering at home as of 6 pm this evening. He spent the week in the ICU at Mahopac Animal Hospital. Scratchy sustained a fractured pelvis and Diaphragmatic hernia as a result of the car hitting him. When we found him Friday all of his mid section organs were crushed into his chest which resulted in a collapsed lung and portion of intestine dying. PLEASE refer to the original letter I posted on May 4th to see what a tragedy my family and I went through trying to get help for him. God led us to the right decision and we will forever be thankful for making it. He is now doing much better and still has a way to heal but at least he is still with us. Such a sweet cute kitten that has touched the emotions of all in our family. I would like to thank all the internet readers who said a prayer on his behalf . The kindnesses that Scratchy received spiritually as well as professionally are what pulled him through. Here is a current picture of our fighter. God Bless You ALL...I will read and prayer for others who are suffering because their pet is injured. I would like to send a special tender hearted and appreciative " Thank you " to Doctor Chris Proto and his wonderful staff at the Mahopac Animal Hospital in NY. The compassion we received for Scatchy and ourselves can not be measured. We will never forget you. Now we are smiling again. : )

May 11


I have just recently found out my granddaughter's rabbit Diesel has a cataract. The Vet said it is in only one eye. But Diesel is very nervous when aproach from that side. Please pray for Diesel, that he not be in pain, that he calms down and not be afraid when approached from that side. He is so loved and has been with the family 4 years.


May 10


Our Doberman Jack is fighting bone cancer. Please pray for strength for us and him.
Thank you.
Delia Salazar

May 8

Please pray for the complete recovery of my 3yr old labrador, Porsha, who is suffering from a fatal virus called distemper. She has been ill for 3 weeks already and been under medication for 2 weeks but still doesn't show any development. Please do pray for her. I do not want to lose her this soon. I believe that God will grant our plea. Thank you and God Bless.

May 7

Hello - all animal lovers, I ask for your prayers and good feelings for our 9 month old Scratchy Doo Doo Doooo cat. He never came home May 1st and we did everything in our capacity to find him. Posted many flyers, went door-to-door, called different associations who deal with lost pets as well as searched the neighborhoods and wooded areas day and night calling out to him. Finally on May 4th we received a call that some girls had spotted him and sure enough Scratchy had tried for days to make it back home. It seems he has been hit by a car and is now suffering a broken pelvis as well as his stomach and surrounding organs being pushed into his chest cavity making it extremely difficult to breathe, It is a miracle that he survived the days and nights because he is so hurt. Frost and thunderstorms this week did not end his search to find his family. Now we have him back and after the emergency visit last evening we are told his surgery would be $9,700. I was stunned and shocked that all this clinic was concerned about was having us sign for a credit card to pay this fee. There was our injured cat laboring to breathe and the vet had not even administered a pain shot or some oxygen. It sickened me. I made the decision to take him out of that butcher market reeking of insensitivity as well as negligence. How in the world does a so called VET allow a an animal to suffer awaiting a decision of payment??? Not even some O2. I am heart-broken to know that people can become vets putting aside the ethics factor as to what is common decency and regard for a suffering creature of God. I finally got him a shot similar to Morphine for a human and one dose of antibiotic. When I inquired to have additional antibiotic to administer for his next dose I was told by the Vet Dr. Park that it was not antibiotic he needed, it was IMMEDIATE SURGERY. If we decided to keep the cat there for one night it would have cost us $1,279.00. What a tragedy that with all the worldly sadness occurring right now, it even extends into caring for something so small and helpless. My family and I took him home and held him most of the night because it seemed to comfort him not to be lying down. This morning I called the ASPCA in Manhattan NY and was told much the same thing...that it would be $110 to evaluate him and I should bring his X Rays but that they demanded payment in advance to treat him. this was the ASPCA???? I was told that if you didn't qualify for credit they would address the issue to the finance department and get back with an answer on Monday but not many got a free ride. We were not asking for a free anything - just some reasonable program to pay off the surgery that is 50/50 anyway.
Finally today we took the helpless sweet animal to a vet in Mahopac NY who seemed compassionate and told us straightforward what his opinion was as to the chances of Scratchy surviving.


The quote we received was half of what we got the night before and he alerted us to a few organizations that would be able to help offset the costs. As it stands now, Scratchy is on oxygen and receiving pain management until Monday when they will try to resection his organs. He has not eaten food since May 1st but has taken some water. He is a beautiful little male cat and my family and I all ask for your good thoughts that he makes it through the operation. He is only a baby and to have his life over so young is unbearable. Please send a kind prayer for our Scratchy and God Bless everyone who is decent and tender hearted even to care. My eyes are now open to how disgusting this world can be since our episode last night at that Emergency Clinic in Greenburgh NY. I wonder how some people sleep at night. And these vets care for pets? MONEY talks and that is the bottom line. What a shame that the animal suffered last night additionally because we did not have the ability to write a check for $9,700 or open credit to charge it. Inhuman demeaning cruelty. I hope God in heaven forgives because that group needs it. Thank you all for reading this and keep our baby in prayer please. Scratchy's family says :" thank you ".....

May 4


Please pray for my orange tabby cat Fox, who today was diagnosed with pancreatitis and fluid in his lung. May God guide the veterinarians who
treat him and restore him to full health. Thank you.

May 4

Cat in Danger
There's a precious little cat that has been living for some weeks near my place of employment--the capitol and government offices complex of my state. It's an area with very high traffic volume. Please pray that the cat will be kept safe and quickly adopted into a good and loving home very quickly. Thank you.

May 3

A Puppy

April 18

Gracie, Meadow and Jaden
UPDATE: Please pray for Gracie. I just found out that she has a low grade heart murmur. Please pray that this will not shorten my baby's life. She is a Pekingese and has a sister that probably has it too because it's genetic. Please pray for Meadow, Gracie and JJ. Thanks and God bless.

April 15

Please pray for the health of all three of my babies. My dogs. Gracie, Meadow and Jaden. Be blessed


Please remember the poor pets and owners suffering from this pet food recall.

April 1

Bear (and Moses and Kisa)
UPDATE: I wrote asking for prayer for Bear, my 2 yr old Siamese cat. She has a high fever today and another bad incident of vomiting and diarrhea last night and also now the other Siamese has the same thing. The vet is baffled and passing it off to "viral," says nothing can be done. The blood tests will be back tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for complete healing for all 3 cats, the 3rd with an immune compromised illness of chronic renal failure and he has not yet had the symptoms. Vet says their food was not recalled. Thank you! These are my babies and I just can't imagine not having them.

April 13

UPDATE: Thank you for your prayers. Bear is on medicine and has limited output but has had 1 stool today and a couple times now she has urinated. The vet is pleased. Thank you so much for your prayers. I have 3 cats. All have lots of problems and came from shelters. One has been in chronic kidney failure since he was 6 months. old. They may have the corona virus as 1 cat does test positive even though the test is not accurate until after death. So I would really appreciate it if you would continue to pray for Moses, Bear and Kisa. All three are very special cats with distinctive cute personalities and they love each other very much.

April 10

2 yr. old Siamese cat's life is at stake. She has lost the ability to urinate or defecate and going to the vet Monday morning. This happened on Easter Sunday. Please prayer for my little "Bear." She has a beautiful personality, is best friends with her friend, Moses, at home and also Kisa, another Siamese, all the same age. Moses and Bear have never been apart. I am alone and struggling on disability. These cats are my children. Bear is small with a fighting spirit. Please pray for healing. Thank you.

April 9

Mollie May
Molli is my nepew's and his adorable puppy who has had an accident. My sister has been watching her and taking care of her while her parents are at work. My sister has sent an update and she is doing so much better, but has a way to go. If she does not get any better then what she has, I just want to thank everyone for all their prayers. Dear God thank you for always listening to all our prayers. You know best!! Praise God, who looks out for all of us and your amazing creatures and pets.Thank you dear Lord for leading the way, now we know we must walk with you and follow your commands. Amen PS, Molli is also my nephew's wife's baby too. Thank you again the miracle. Amen

April 10

UPDATE: Moli is doing great! X-rays originally showed fractured skull and she had trauma to her brain. My son thought she may be blind in one eye for awhile. No more; Her eyes are perfect. Also her mouth drooped to the side and her little teeth stuck out, no more! She looks almost perfect and is almost her old self as of Friday, April 6 2007.
Ever since day I sent prayer to you she has improved leaps and bounds. Many people love her here and have been praying too. God is so good!

I watched her last three days and each day her improvement was unbelievable...but I too am a believer. :)
She is barking again...running straight, playing with her kitty buddy again. She can even jump on couch again, over and over. She was unable to do any of these things before. She gives her daddy kisses again, too. Though she still goes in circles a little but not continually as before.
I expect that to completely stop as well. It has only been about a week and a half since accident.
Thank you again for your website and prayers.
God Bless you greatly!

April 8


My personal prayer is for my son and his wife's little puppy, "Mollie May." She is a little Shi-Poo and so adorable. Mollie suffered an injury to her little head and shows symptoms of brain damage as she goes around in circles much of the time. She is unable to get up on couch as before. She cries a lot and has not been herself since the accident, as of a week ago. She does eat and drink and can go potty outside.

I raise Mollie up to You Father in prayer at this time, knowing that the life within her is given directly from You Father. I pray and trust that through You Father, Your Son the Christ, and Your Holy Spirit can and desires to give her a complete healing, that You may receive all the praise. Love is most healing, and You Father are that perfect Love. Lord let your Love pour into each and every person's lives here and into their adored pets and we thank You Father for it and accept it as done. Amen.
Karen, Ohio

April 4

Please pray for my son's dog Bouncer who was cruelly stolen from his front yard. My son Jaiden misses him dearly and we pray for his safe return. Amen

April 1

Please pray for my dog Bearbear, he has been diagnosed with a progressive bone cancer that is currently in his left front leg. The vets fear it has probably already spread internally and that he will perhaps only have a few weeks left. I am 40 weeks pregnant and so distraught with mixed emotions as is my husband.

We love our dear Bear as he is such a good companion that God blessed us with less than 3 years ago. I found him wondering in a ditch off a busy highway. He travels with us and lets our three cats rub all over him.
He is on anti inflammatory/pain meds, the vets say this type of cancer is not really treatable with chemo, since it is so advance and would be hard on Bear due to his age and that amputation is not an answer due to Bears size (140 lbs).
Please pray for a complete healing if God's will permits, if not, pray Bear will not suffer... I pray for more time as I want to be able to deliver our baby and bring him home to meet Bear and get to know him... God's Blessings,

March 30


I wanted to send another update to you regarding our puppy Audra. You helped us by posting her story on your website back on January 3, 2007. We updated you a couple of times afterwards thanking you and advising you of her progress.
I am happy to inform you that we brought her home on February 13th and she is just absolutely wonderful. She is a special little girl and we believe that God blessed her and us by answering the many prayers that went out for her healing.
We believe that when God blesses you with a miracle it becomes your duty to tell others how you've been blessed. Well, we have been blessed and we tell our story often.
Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do.

AnnaLysa & Gary

March 10

UPDATE: Thank you so much for praying for my wonderful Cora!
Here is an update about her. My vet just called, saying it is not cancer after all! I thank God for that, all the prayers were answered! She is still very sick though. She has a disease that causes her immune system to attack her red bloodcells. It can be a one time thing or it can be chronic.
I have so much more hope now, this is still serious, but much, much better than leukemia, and
I thank God for that. Please keep praying for my beloved Cora and her full recovery!
Stine and Cora

March 5

Could you please pray for my beloved dog Cora, who is very sick. She got sick a few days ago, and I thought it was just a stomach flu or something, but took her to the vet to be sure she was ok. And the vet says she thinks it`s leukemia, but it might also be an infection. I will get the test results in a day or two, and I keep praying that it is an infection that can be treated. Your prayers would be so much appraciated, I can`t handle the thought of losing my wonderful, happy Cora, only 2 years old and so full of life. Please pray that she will recover and be healthy again.
Stine and Cora

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March 4

Brandon, 1 year 11 month old tiger cat. Today's X-rays revealed multiple tumors in Brandon's colon that could be cancerous, we will find out the results next week. He also suffers with an inflamation due to diahorrea and trips to the litter box all day long. He vomits periodically and is losing weight due to a sudden loss of appetite. He eats, but not as much as he used to. He is amazing in that he is still a very loving, gentle animal and we love him (and his brother Dylan) with all of our hearts. Please pray for complete healing without the need for surgery. Aside from not wanting to put him through the torture of chemotherapy, I also do not have the kind of money to spend on this type of treatment. We lost a cat just before finding these two little guys in a local shelter from complications associated with diabetes (he also suffered with FIV) and it was devastating Your prayers are appreciate more than I could ever express in words.
Thank you so very much.

March 1

PLEASE HELP ME.. please pray for my lovebird Ruby, it is believed he has a obstruction to his trachea, but not 100 percent sure; he is on antibiotics to clear up any respitory bug; hope and pray that will happen.. I love my baby so much.. thank you kindly

February 26

UPDATE: Hello, I am very happy to say our Bruno returned home the next day, 17 hours after he had ran away. He was fine with no injuries but was very tired and slept for a full day and night. I knew the power of prayer would bring him safely home along with his guardian angels. Pets have at least two of their own guardian angels and they kept him safe on his adventure. I would like to thank everyone at pet prayer links who prayed for Bruno, and I will continue to pray along with you for other pets who need God's prayers. God Bless you all. Thank you.
Eileen Fitzgerald

March 2

Please help pray for the safe return home of my beloved hooch dog Bruno. He got scared when a firework went off and ran into the bush and never came back home. He has been gone for 7 hours now. It is cold outside and he is not used to the cold. My heart actually hurts. Bruno is very timid and shy and would never go to a stranger . He has never been away from home before. We are searching for him all night and cannot find him. Please help me pray for Bruno's safe return home. I do not know what we will do without our special friend. Bruno please come home. We love you more than words can say.

February 24

UPDATE: Lammy has spent the weekend in hospital on a drip.. She has lost plenty of weight but has returned home with more spirit than she went in with. The lump has disappeared but the vets along with ourselves are confused by it all. They have advised she has a slight issue with her liver, and they think they can feel another lump higher up in her Lymph nodes.... We thank everyone for their kind prayers so far, but ask if they can continue until we get her out of the woods...
God bless you all,

February 26

Please pray for my 15 year old friend, Lammy. She is a Maltese Chihuahua X and has been with me for the last 15 years as my best friend and companion and has recently gained a Papa in my husband. The vets believe that she has Canine Lymphoma but we are trying antibiotics due to some past severe infections she has had with her teeth. She is at day 5 of the treatment (10 days in total) and is not really responding. My husband and I have been praying for her recovery. Please join us in this prayer, or if this can't be done, her peace and relief from pain. She has bought me joy, happiness and friendship for many years and I don't wish to see her in pain when it doesn't represent the animal she is…Please join us….Thanks,

February 21

Please pray for our dear elderly cat Milo who has an appointment with a vet specialist on Mon. Feb. 26th to evaluate his lungs. Please pray fervently that it go safely and show that he does not have cancer.
Thank you,
Beth, Diane

February 21

Daisy, our beloved Lab, the joy of our lives, is in Intensive Care in College Station Texas suffering from pneumonia. She has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. She is very ill, but is letting us know that she is trying so very hard to get well. We have prayed so hard and the Lord is giving us His Love and assurance that our beloved angel, Daisy, is in His care and continue trusting in Him. We believe in miracles and the Lord has never let us down. We covet your encouragement and prayers. We love her so.
The Appel and Coles' families

Brenham & Houston, Texas

February 21


Please pray for my cocker spaniel, my child of almost 13 years. In a haste to run after me as I drove off, he ran out the house and was hit by a car. Toby already is challenged with living with a heart murmur and is blind from cataracts. Toby's pelvic bone broke in 3 places, but his legs did not break. While in tears, waiting to hear from the E.R. vet, I was devastated of the thought of my life with out him. He always has a smile on in good times & bad. Please pray for the recovery of my best friend, that he may feel less pain every day, his bones will heal, and his heart will shrink back to its normal size. Ask big, right?
Toby's Mom ~ Yvonne

February 19  

Please pray for my beloved Buford, a black Lab who is having kidney problems. He is 12 but I feel it is not his time and I hope through prayer and medicine he will be helped. I have faith in the Lord and will continue to keep all of you and your sweet animals in my prayers as well. I know through God's grace and prayer that Buford can be healed. Thank you and God bless!

February 18

I need a prayer from anyone who has time. My dog, Sahara, goes in for a spleenectomy and an abscessed tooth removal on Tuesday, February 20th. She has a mass on her spleen and I am hopeful that it is just benign, and that there are no other foreign masses in her chest or body. We also are hoping that the lump near her left lymph node is from a cracked tooth abscess. Please say prayers for Sahara, for us both.
Thank you, kind animal lovers.

February 16

My sweet Tonka dog, my first 'baby,' a now 13 year old husky/shepherd mix was diagnosed with a tumor that is eating the bones in his shoulder and leg. We brought him home with pain pills so that he might have just a few more days with us, so that he can be our Valentine just one last time. On Thursday, February 15 we will lovingly return him to God's hands, to be His faithful companion as he was to us for all these years... Please pray for him, that his journey is comfortable and without fear or further pain and suffering. Please pray for his little dog brother, Ezra, who has never spent a day without him. And please, please pray for our daughter, Sam, who at 4 years old will learn the painful, permanent loss of her very best friend.
Thank you, God, for blessing our lives with such a faithful, loving, beautiful companion.

February 13


UPDATE: She was diagnosed with having a stroke but it has been a week and with some cat treats and her favorite blanket she is doing SOOO much better… she only wobbles a little now and she is eating like a horse and finally putting weight back on. I AM SO HAPPY!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!! I knew she could do it!! THANKS AGAIN!
Jessica C

February 20

Please keep my cat Alley in your prayers – She recently had surgery and is having a hard time with recovery… She is 14 but she is a fighter and I need as much help to pull her through as possible… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Jessica C

February 12


Panther is my 2 year old black Oriental shorthair X baby kitty boy. He keeps chasing his tail and acting as if it is hurting him. He acts as if it is not a part of him. His regular Vet is uninterested - just wants to keep him tranquilized all the time. He is getting worse and woke me so many times last night, going after his tail I am barely awake right now. He REALLY NEEDS your prayers now - that we do not have to amputate his tail or put him down. He now has a sore on it, and cannot stop chasing it this morning.
He is SUCH a dear young baby boy and he DESPERATELY NEEDS help! We are going to see a new vet today. PLEASE ask God to make THIS Vet know what is wrong and heal him! PLEASE!

February 7

Snowball and Kitty-Kitty
UPDATE: Kitty-Kitty has eaten better in the past 24 hrs.
Monday night he really did well, and was pretty good Tuesday morning. It does become a real challenge to pick something that he "wants to eat".
Snowball's eye looked a lot better this morning. The swelling was down and the pus pocket had disappeared from the eyelid. However, there is still a lot of drainage and redness around the eye. She still has a little ways to go to be well. Thank you for all of your prayers. They are greatly appreciated. It means a lot to have my animal friends around. I have went through a lot of financial pressure and physical illness in the past year. Having my friends around brings a lot of happiness to me, and to my family.
Thanks again! Sincerely,
Dan R& Family

February 6

I would like to request prayer for two of my cats who are having difficulties. Snowball, age 13, is a pure white persian/berman mix, female....she has developed a problem with her left eye, an infection of some kind that had it almost swollen shut this morning. I had antibiotic drops and started her on it this morning, but it looked really bad. She is eating and otherwise fine, but I know the eye has to hurt. Also, Kitty-Kitty is a three-legged cat that we took into our home in 2001. He is 10+ years old....has a problem with his jaw that keeps him from wanting to eat sometimes. He wouldn't eat much this morning, except some mashed potatoes. Chewing seems to be painful for him. I have been giving him a baby aspirin every other day, and that has helped some. We need a miracle for our furry babies. I know that no animal can live forever, but I sure would like to have these two around for awhile longer. I love them both so much. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,
Dan R & Family

February 5

Please pray for my little boy Speedy. He has been having some liver problems and he is going in on Tuesday for a surgical liver biopsy to figure out what is going on. He just turned 10 years old on February 1st and he is my world! I love him so much and just want him to get better. All of your prayers are appreciated.

February 4


I just wanted to give you an update on Audra. She is doing fine and we are leaving to go pick her up on February 8th. I wanted to thank you again for all your support and prayers. I love seeing her posted on your website and knowing that prayer is so powerful.
AnnaLysa & Gary

February 4

Taz is an 11 year old Keeshond and one of the two lights of my life.
About 16 months ago he had a parathyroid tumor removed and we have been doing OK since then, until about 1 month ago. He started rejecting his food and became very lethargic. I took him to several vets and it was eventually determined that he had a mass on his spleen. He had a splenectomy 2 days ago and I am still concerned.
Initial look at the mass and it appears to not be cancer (still waiting on the pathology report), but my puppy is still not eating and his sister and I are very worried about him. Please pray for him that he will make a quick recovery.
We miss his happy, smiling face and can't wait to see it again.
Missy & Bugsy

February 1

Max (and Beverly)
Asking prayer for Beverly Shorley and her dog, Max. Max is a 10 year old Labrador retriever, who has been Bev’s lifeline through a long and ugly divorce. Now, after two happy and settled years together, post divorce, Max has been diagnosed as having Lymphosarcoma, a particularly volatile cancer. Along with this, the vet has determined that there is a spot on the liver, that Max’s heart is enlarged and misshapen, and has a tumor on it that is pressing on the esophagus, causing some difficulty in eating and drinking. Beverly is in severe heartache and distress over these findings, as Max has been a mainstay in her life. Beverly and Max need our prayers, folks.
Let’s give it all we have.

January 31

Pet Parakeet
My parakeet seems very sick. She has been staying at the bottom of her cage with her feathers all fluffed up.She seemed to have trouble getting around and I am very worried. Please pray for her. I don't know if it was the cold weather that made her sick but please pray for her.
Thank you,

January 31


Hi, Please pray for my 9 month old german shepherd's (Luke) knee. I was told by my vet has a tear of his ACL and may require surgery. It so hard to watch him walk on three legs, It breaks my heart. He so friendly and full of life. I know the LORD can heal him, I just want others to agree with me in prayer and this will happen.
Thank You for your prayers and God Bless !

January 27

Our beloved pet yellow lab, Bo, has been taken. Will you please pray that he will be returned to our home safely. He has been missing since November 2006. I pray every night that he will be returned home and I pray for all the missing and sick animals in the world, because they are always part of a family. Thank You,
Kim Brown

January 27

Please say a prayer for our little Wheaten friend Kali. She is undergoing tests to rule out some very serious diseases and we prayer for her health and happiness.
Lisa McClafferty

January 24

Hi Pet Prayer warriors ~ please pray for Sue, a 13 yrs old Chihuahua. We took her in as an additional family member. We took her to the vet and found why she was having coughed a lot that she has a very bad teeth decay caused by form of a bacteria into her hear . She has heart murmur, fluids and heart condition The doctor said he could not extract her bad teeth due to her heart condition and also her aging. Sue is trying to get her teeth remove by her paws and wanted to get rid of it . We don’t know what to do. The oral antibiotic treatment helped to stop the bacteria .and we know it wont do any good if her teeth wont do loosing or unable pulls her teeth by her own paws as she s trying to get the old teeth out of her. Please pray for Sue for a healing and pray that there got to be an alternative way getting a new treatment to help her bad teeth removes ,,, or help some way to get her teeth loosing . Lord ~ You know what Sue needs and her situation . She needs Your help and You are a Great Veterinary Physician and a Healer. Please help Sue, she is one of your great animals of earth and heaven kingdom. Thank you Lord, In Jesus’ name. Amen

January 21

Please pray for my cat Isis who went missing the night of 1/14/07- she is a well beloved cat and I miss her so much already. I have poasted signs and went searching for her. Please pray that she returns home safe to her family.
God Bless you all
Angela Huang

January 15


Please pray for my 7 year young Boxer who has thyroid cancer. I love him soooooooooooooo much and know that only prayers will help him, so please everyone pray that the cancer goes away tyty

January 14

Kitty-Cat and Family
God Bless Whom This Involves,
I am requesting prayers for our neighbours and their cat,"Kitty-Cat" aka as "Poochie" who was just buried Jan 11, 2007. Our neighbour "Jim" brought him home, in his pocket 12 years ago. He was a Domestic, Long-Hair, lack Cat. BEAUTIFUL!!!! So friendly, "LOVED" and well groomed by his "Masters." "Jim" came to the door at 10:30 the other night to let us know. He was so upset!! Lost his BEST Friend.
Please let us Pray for "Bob","Cora","Jim" and "Kitty-Cat."
God Bless them all, and God Bless "Kitty-Cat", in "Kitty Heaven."
We All Love You,

Tony, Donna, Trevor, Catherine and "Whiskers."

January 10


Greetings everyone!
I am writing to thank you and to give you an update on our puppy Audra. Last I wrote she was doing better, but still not out of the woods.

Well, she just had a vet appointment last night and she has no sign of pneumonia in her lungs - she still has some wheezing but it's only in her bronchial airways - thanks be to God it's not in her lungs. She did not gain any weight; but she didn't lose any either and that's great. The breeder said she was so bad one night that she held her and cried all night long fully expecting that she would not live thru the night. Gary, myself and the breeder want to thank you and all the others who prayed for our little Audra. We are all fully aware that it was the prayer that saved her because it wasn't until after I came to you for your support in prayer that she started to get better.
Thank you and God Bless you............
AnnaLysa & Gary

January 12

A Little Kitten
To tell you first : that the little kitten of last December 25th died, I write in the name of my mom from Venezuela.
And second : to tell you and ask you to pray for the person who just poisoned this midnight (so he/she repent about what has done) one of the older cats we had here, I found it totally stiff, dead, in front of the house this morning . If my cat is doing something bad, just give him some water, "but don’t kill him". Why ? You have to be a really bad person to kill an innocent female cat Please pray for my mother (her name is Consuelo) she is feeling very guilty because she left him go last night, and pray for my aunt (Carmen) so she does not get angry with us (she is the real owner of the cats) and let her comprehend the situation . I know that you pray for pets but how you can see it has much in common with them .
Thanks a lot from Venezuela, my name is Hector

January 11

Please pray for my dog, Maui. She has been diagnosed with mast cell cancer. She has a large tumor. I want to make sure that she does not suffer greatly. I opted to not have surgery done to remove the tumor. I just want to make her comfortable when her time
comes. She suffered when she had a tumor removed last year. No more
extraordinary measures to prolong her life. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you all.

January 10

Please pray for my best friend Spit McGee. Spitty is 4 1/2 year old cat diagnoised with Feline Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy. He now has a secondary issue with low white blood cell count (due to the medication he needs). Spitty is the love of my life and I don't want to go on without him. He is the reason why I get up in the morning and go to bed at night - he is the joy of my life.
Please pray for his healing. The Doctors say it is hopeless. We so need a miracle from God. Thank you,

January 9

I am requesting prayers for our little dog “Bear”.
He had eye surgery a week ago and is refusing to eat or drink. He is on antibiotics and eye ointment. He looks so sad, and is so lifeless, We are so worried about him, that we can hardly sleep at night. He will probably end up blind in his Right Eye, and there is a possibility that he may lose his eye altogether. We take him back to the Vet tomorrow and pray things are improving. He has been such a beautiful, loyal and loving animal, it is heartbreaking to see him like this.
My sister told me about this website. Her cat went missing, and was found 2 days after posting on this website!! Amazing!!
We want to “Thank” everyone for their prayers and their time as we believe this is the only power we have to see our little dog recover.
God Bless you and all the animals out there.
Terry & Eileen

January 9

Greetings everyone!
Mau is doing well...just had a check-up and tumor has grown just a tiny bit. Otherwise he is very healthy and still spunky...just a quick prayer request for him though...this is a tiny problem now but could be painful...he is constipated and trying to make a bowel movement....nothing yesterday but a teeny amount passed and nothing at all today....please pray that God moves his bowels with the least amount of discomfort to him...if he does not go by tomorrow morning maybe he should go to vet? He just had his 15th birthday on the 4th of January and we would hate that anything happen to him with a small problem like this after all he has been through with the cancer...we pray this in Jesus' name Amen.
Very grateful...
Paula and Ray

January 8


UPDATE: I just wanted to give you the latest update on our puppy Audra. She is doing much better. She is eating from a plate instead of the bottle and is playful now, where she hadn't been.
I have to say thanks for posting Audra's story on your website. I know that prayer is very powerful and the more you have praying the more powerful the response. The breeder doesn't want to say she is "completely out of the woods" but I believe she could have taken a turn for the worse instead of for the better if we had not prayed for her like we did. Thanks and God bless you.........
AnnaLysa & Gary

January 7

I am writing to request your support in prayer for my puppy. Her name is Audra and she is only 6 weeks old. She is an English Bulldog and is still with the breeder. We were going to pick her up the 1st week of February. I just got an email from our breeder, who is in West Virginia and she informed us that our little girl is fighting pneumonia.
I would like whatever support in prayer you can offer her/us.
Thank you very much,
AnnaLysa & Gary

January 3

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